Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day By Day learn MyName

Although in October many groups or soloists have made their comebacks and with much more to come, I decided to write about MyName because everytime they return to the music scene they never dissappoint their fans who go by the name MyGirl. In every comeback they show great music, dance and vocal skills and they do it again by releasing their 3rd single album.
This time around the boys decided to show a more mature side and forget the pain they caused to their fans with their previous song 'Baby I'm Sorry'. ( I know I'm off topic now but who didn't cry by watching the mv? ). Anyway I must say that they own this style too because they have the talent and the vocals to try different music genres. The title song 'Day By Day' is a mid tempo ballad and in their single album all the songs follow this pattern too. So if you are in a-listening-only-ballads-mood well their album is what you are looking for. At that point I have to say that Lee Hyun Do also participated in the title track by doing an exceptional rap at the beginning of the song.
The mv goes along with the song. I ike that the mv was filmed in a studio because the boys do their best in it. I mean the members with their actions and expressions show their pain and although they appear in the same set together, they not really are. They don't interract with each other because every member is there in different time and we can only see some interaction between the member and themselves, like JunQ when he is in a rap batlle with himself or in the case of InSoo. In the mv we also see some reverse scenes mostly during SeYong's cuts. It wouldn't be alright if I didn't write about their clothing which is incredible. The boys look extremely handsome wearing suits and sweaters, shirts, ties in grey tones, getting the whole grow and mature vibe. They don't only sound mature, they also look mature.

The thing that it might captures you the most is their fantastic choreography. Let me say here that all of MyName's previously songs ( Message, Hello and Goodbye, Just That Little Thing ) have amazing choreographies, able to show each song points and the members great dancing skills. The mv shows some parts of the choreography but it's even better if you see it in a music show. In that case you will be able to see that InSoo and JunQ have their own individual parts - InSoo showcasing his moves and JunQ his rap - but also the clear and amazing movements that fit the song perfectly. I find the end, where they are on their knees, the perfect ending. 
Check both the mv and the music show and support MyName Day By Day ( or everyday ).

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Did you miss Tiny - G?

Tiny-G the four cute, small but noticeable girls are back with a totally different style that we were used to see them before. This time for their new single 'Miss You' they decided to become more mature and sexy and to forget their previous cute style. But from the image you see above perhaps you don't picture this in your head when you think sexy, right? So I say you have to check the mv first!
In the mv the girls manage to look sexy without overdoing it. I mean they are still too young to be over sexy so this style is the best for them. Besides they have the time and the chances to show different styles in the future so what's the hurry? Anyway in the mv we don't see any storyline but rather beautiful sets, close up scenes of the girls and the choreography of the song. The outcome is really great since they wore beautiful outfits that fit the song and the sets. When the girls wear black shirt-dresses with high socks the scenery becomes a modern black studio and when they decide to play with colors, prints and patterns the studio fits this profile too. It's a win win situation. In the song the girls say out loud that they like a guy who ignores them no matter what they say or do but instead of being mad about it they say that they miss him and that will make him feel the same way too. Talk about girls' power here! The choreography and the song are very catchy and ear pleaseant. The chorus is very addicting and propably you will catch yourself doing the 'mini fists' and the 'I wanna kiss you' moves too. Don't be shy about it and just embrace it with the other movements you have.
So hurry up and check the mv!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Block B is our light

Despite all the bad and unfortunate things that Block B went through last year, making BBCs think that the group will disband, Block B didn't forget their fandom, how talented they are or how they deserve to be in the K-pop scene and surprised BBC with exciting news. They are coming back even stronger signed in a different label 7 Seasons which is under their previous label Stardom Entertainment.
Block B is making a comeback on October 2nd with the release of their mini album but because they didn't want to make BBCs wait any longer they released a pre-released track called 'Be The Light' which was produced and written by Zico. Seriously this kid is on another level. Different from their characteristic hip-hop sound the song is a mid-tempo ballad in which we can still see and listen clearly Block B's own color and vibe. Block B stated that although they are known as a hip-hop boy group, they want to experience, try and produce other types of music as well such as house, jazz and electronic. Judging their new song I say 'It's about time'! Furthermore with trying new genres of music we'll might have the chance to see Block B revealing some other skills or talents that we didn't know or heard of. I mean 'Be The Light' shows Block B's amazing vocals as well despite their awesome rap skills.
The mv, according to BBCs, shows how much Block B loves BBC and how much they care and concern about them. We see U-kwon beaten up by some guys who represent the society and how much pain they have been through in all those years but they are able to stand up because they have the support of their fandom ( in the mv the girl represents BBC ) and because the members are always there for each other, being one big family. I really like the the scenes, the camera angles and the mv as a whole. There are some great scenes but my favorite is when Block B walks on the roof of the building. Simple scene, great meaning : When we are together, we are on top. Also P.O. is so handsome with his new haircut. Stick with it P.O. Last but not least the mv ends with a member ( maybe U-kwon? ) getting into a van holding a clown mask. This might be a preview for their next song but it has already picked fans curiosity.
One thing is certain now : The new and improved Block B is back and they are not going anywhere!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kara as damaged ladies ( not )

Kara made sure that their comeback would make many Kamilias to question themselves and keep wondering what kind of concept the girls will follow. In the first jacket photos we saw Kara with a boyish concept, dressed up in suits so we thought 'Oh, they are going to show a tough side'. Later in another jacket release Kara were dressed as Queens so we were like 'Forget the boyish style, the Queens are back'. Last but not least the title track named 'Damaged Lady' pointed us in another direction thinking 'Mmm maybe they will show a heart broken side'. So which of these concepts is the right one? The answer is a mix of the above.
With the release of their 4th Album 'Full Bloom' Kara made a return with the title track 'Damaged Lady'. Although the title might makes us think that the girls would be 'damaged' by some boys, the song and the mv tell a different story. In the mv the girls are sitting in a nice restaurant, dressed up in chic dresses having a date with their boyfriends. But as it looks like their date isn't as good as they thought because their boys have their eyes on other women as well and not pay much attention to Kara. The girls wearing these dresses and being in a fancy restaurant they had to follow certain rules like being quiet and posh so they couldn't show their real thoughts and discomfort. So if they wanted to run away from this situation they only had to make a small but smart move : Change their style and appearance. So the girls throwed away their chic dresses and wore suits which gave them the opportunity to go back, be themselves and make fun of their ex boyfriends by shaking them, putting their foot down ( in this case on the table ), feeding them in a violent way muffins and doing more bad stuffs that they couldn't do before. In the end since they managed to do all these stuffs they had to celebrate and by that we mean setting the alarm on, making everyone wet including Kara but as it looks like they were the only ones to enjoy it. In the mv we get some screen shots of Kara sitting on a throne dreessed up as Queens making a statement that reads : Nothing bring us down. True Queens.
Kara showed that they can pull the boyish style really good. They look good in men suits, dancing fiercely and rocking those hairstyles ( the 'mushroom hairstyle? ). I don't know how to call it but Hara and JiYoung looked good.
The album contains nine songs including the pre-released 'Runaway' in which we see some scenes from their upcoming Korean drama 'Secret love'.
Kamilias don't 'Runaway' and support Kara for their return by pressing the paly button.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunmi - 24 Hours

Wonderfuls must a have a reason to be happy although summer it's almost over. As Wonder Girls are doing their individual promotions this time around since Sun got married, a former Wonder Girl member made her appearance to the K-pop scene. And we talk about Sunmi. Sunmi didn't unite with Wonder Girls to make her return but she cameback as a solo idol after a 3 years and 7 months hiatus focusing on herself. For her return JYP made her a precious gift. He produced her title track '24 Hours' which is a dance song with tango elements in between.
The song talks about a girl who is deeply in love and thus '24 Hours' seems a little time when she's with her boyfriend. The mv stars with a clock being set and Sunmi interracting with her boyfriend which means hugging him tightly and moving in circles, lying on the bed and crowling on a table. The main attraction of the mv is clearly the choreography. Sunmi did a great job doing all these difficult moves with elegance such as the shoulder movement and also moving her arms in a geometrical way during the chorus. But the highlight must definitely be the tango. When she dances with her white bodysuit she acts like an innocent girl depending on her partner, even standing on him and then her bodysuit turns black and she transforms into a fierce woman dancing along with her partner. Later on as the clock strikes 4, the time goes back forward so that she will be able to gain some time and live these moments again with her boyfriend. I like that the dance is similar with the plot. At the beginning when she's sitting on the bed she transferrs to the dance studio with the same posture and later when she's lying on the bed with her boyfriend and she has her leg on his back, we see the exact same move as a part of the dance. I find it nice and clever. The song has this catchy vibe and as a result you will press the replay button constantly.
Wonderfuls now that Sunmi is back spent some time with her showing her your Wonder Girls' affection.

Friday, August 9, 2013

B.A.P is the Last Bad Men Standing

TS Entertainment warned us that with the release of the 3rd title track 'BadMan', B.A.P will show a face that only B.A.P can do and represent perfectly. Watching and listening their new song 'BadMan' I couldn't agree more.
'BadMan' is B.A.P's 3rd mini album which contains their previous songs 'Coffee Shop' and 'Hurricane' and new songs as well. Choosing 'BadMan' as their promotional track, B.A.P wants to make a statement saying that cities are dirty and corrupted and that only care about the superficial things without paying attention to what really matters. But those mindsets are going to change because B.A.P is not afraid to do whatever it takes to change those rules and actions. That concept is clearly seen in the mv as we see B.A.P being against the 'law' and being rebellious by provoking the authorities. In the end B.A.P is the only last men standing, stating that they kept their promise : They will be the change and everyone should be afraid of them because they messed with the wrong people ( or group ). In the mv we also see that no one is paying attention to other - minor? - things such as the lovely couple or speaking general the 'daily life' or the even more significant thing the man who got shot and died in the alley. Everyone is so busy with what's going on that these small things don't get the proper attention.
'BadMan' is a song that combines hip hop music as a new genre called 'Trap'. I guess that while B.A.P were on their world tour they had been influenced by different types of music and thus we can see their new and improved side of them in their 3rd mini album. Plus the song is written by Bang Yong Guk so that makes it more special. All the songs have a different feeling so that you can choose your favorite song according to your style.
Note : I don't know who chose Daehyun to sing the first lines in the song but whoever made that decision is genius! Daehyun impresses us even more with his new manly-dark voice.
Babyz check the mv and sing along with B.A.P : I'm a BadMan.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Great VIXX

I start to believe that Vixx is an unexpected, unpredictable and full of wonderful surprises group. Those thoughts came to my mind when I saw their new mv 'G.R.8.U.' and also while listening their new repackaged album 'Jekyl'.
Lately Vixx had a more dark and mysterious concept and I thought that their follow up song will continue this side of them. Well I was wrong. Vixx returned with a romantic but fun concept at the same time making all the Starlights even happier with their return. Although this isn't a new concept for Vixx ( remember 'Superhero' and 'Rock Your Body' ) I find 'G.R.8.U' to be more mature than those previous songs. Don't get me wrong 'Superhero' and 'Rock Your Body' were both fun to watch and listen, filled with cute and funky choreography. 'G.R.8.U.' on the other side has this up-lifting and romantic vibe that makes your heart flutter from the seconds you press the play button. Great comeback if you ask me.
So, if 'Hyde' was their dark side then with 'Jekyl' Vixx shows their happier side which you can clearly see in their mv. The greatest thing about the mv is the rewind technique they used to film it. With that in mind we see how Vixx messed up a whole room. The boys managed to turn a room, upside - down in a just few seconds, and that makes me think that if you ever feel down you now know to which boy group you can reffer to if you wanna feel better. And I mean it. You can do anything you want as Vixx does. Choose from playing football, basketball, tennis or darts, riding a bicycle, throwing roses and toilet papers, jumping from a piano, doing cartwheels, destroying books or even smashing a television with a baseball bat. Seriously those are some of the things you can do in that room so it's all for your own good. Apart from the funny side, the boys are very good looking with their summer and white outfits. N's red hait looks very bright in this mv as the other boys as well. There isn't much to say about the dance because Vixx is really good at it. The 'knee' and the 'slide while pointing' movements highlights the choreography. Plus their repackaged album 'Jekyl' includes the it-makes-you-wanna-dance 'What to do' song, which Ken wrote it.
Starlights show how great Vixx is to you by pressing the play button.


Friday, August 2, 2013

The Wild and Young Kang Seung Yoon

If with this song Kang Seung Yoon wanted to persuade us that he is a young, rebellion, wild and living - the - moment boy, I guess after listening to it, he succeed it.
The new YG member who makes the YG Family even bigger, made he debut with the release of the digital single 'It Rains' which was spotted on top on many music charts. Now he's returning with a new title track called 'Wild And Young' which describes him perfectly, don't you think? 'Wild And Young' is written, composed and produced by the one and only Teddy ( seriously he should change his name to musical genius or something ) telling the story of a guy falling in love with a girl and just leaving the moment together without worrying about what's next. The song is a strong rock song, different from the currently K-pop scene and it has what it takes to be the most played song in the summer.
The mv continuous this 'Wild And Young' feeling. Kang Seung Yoon gathers his friends and they make a road trip filled with young moments such as swimming and doing crazy things in the pool, chasing bubbles, doing skateboard competition, sitting, singing or dancing around the beach fire, making graffiti and then destroying it, sleeping on the couch ( doing all this is exhausting ) and generally doing things that will leave strong memories. I like that the mv doesn't exaggerating, desplaying the perfect roadtrip but instead they show things that most of us have done or eventually will do. 
Kang Seung Yoon proves that he is also incredible even when he sings alone with the band or in the meadow. He has so much confidence and the little moves or expressions that he makes confirm his great stage presence. He only needs his guitar to captivate you from the first seconds. Oh, and that killing smile as well.
But the fun doesn't stop here and we will listen more from him as Yang Hyun Suk stated on YG Life that Kang Seung Yoon will release two more singles on August and September ( it is said that one of the songs is written by G-Dragon ) making the summer even better for his fans!
Kang Seung Yoon has proved that he's 'Wild And Young'. How about you?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

B2st lives in the shadow

Remember last year when B2st was having fun, singing, dancing and playing around in order to make us a 'Beautiful Night'? Well now forget about that because B2st made a complete transformation. From carefree, feel with joy boys they became dark men for their comeback.
Before the release of their second full lenght album 'Hard To Love, How To Love', B2st gave to B2utyz a lot of reasons to smile. Instead of releasing the title track right away, they decided to release two digital singles to thank their fans since they waited so long for their comeback. Of course B2utyz liked very much this gesture so they awarded B2st by placing both digital singles in 1st and 4rd place on the Gaon Chart. 'Will You Be Alright'? and 'I'm Sorry' are included in B2st's full length album along with 'Shadow', the song they decided to promote.
Listening to 'Shadow' it brings me back to their 'Shock' and 'Fiction' days. The song has a dark and melanholic vibe which can be seen all over the mv. B2st managed to make this song a hit too, because it's hard to resist its addictive and beat sound. I find Hyunseung and Yoseob's voices a perfect match for this song and Junhyung's rap very remarkable. This boy will be the next top producer if he keeps up with the same strategy. No wonder he participated in the production of the whole album.
About the mv it really reflects the song's colors. B2st sings and dance in a destroy mansion and a forgotten city filled with that desperate and melanholic feeling that the song provides. About the choreography, the 'side to side shoulder move' and the 'grab head move' make the song even better. Although the mv has spiders, worms and many other creepy insects that would make it scary the scariest part isn't that. Junhyung's blind eyes is the scariest thing especially if you see the mv for the first time. Nice job Junhyung.
So B2utyz show how much you love and support B2st by pressing the play button and go to the 'Shadow' side with them.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

B.A.P is in a Hurricane mode

Babyz if you missed B.A.P don't be sad anymore because our Warriors are back with their 2nd title track 'Hurricane'. But before we start talk about it, let's do a brief summary on their comeback.
B.A.P or as babyz like to call them 'the boy group that never rests' decided to follow a different strategy this time around for their comeback to the music scene. Instead of releasing only one title track and then maybe a follow up song, B.A.P decided to release three title tracks until the release of their album. The reason why is simple. They said that all the songs are great and thus it was difficult to make their minds and pick only one to promote. With the release of 'Hurricane', I also think the same as both 'Coffe Shop' and 'Hurricane' are indeed amazing songs.
Let's start with 'Coffee Shop' which is a nice surprise for babyz. The first title track is a slow song with jazz elements different from 'One Shot'. I like that B.A.P tries a lot of music styles until they find their own color because they prove that they can pull off anything. In 'Coffe Shop' every member adjust his voice in order to fit the song and not otherwise. I find Himchan's voice very unique and smooth and actually this style fits him really well. Daehyun proves once again that he is the main vocal along with YoungJae while both Bang Yong Guk and Zelo's rapping skills match the song. Jongup has his own spotlight too that gives us the chance to see that he has a great voice besides his killing dance skills.  In the mv we see B.A.P travel through New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and more places, dressed in a more casual way, wandering around the states until they gather around in a coffee shop to discuss their experience.


'Hurricane' is much different that 'Coffee Shop'. With a heavy dubstep sound and hip hop elements, they also try another style which - guess what - suits them really well too. This time the mv was filmed in Las Vegas, in what it looks like a 4 star hotel and to make it even more luxurious the boys also rent a limousine. As it looks like from the mv, the song doesn't have a choreography ( unless they want to reveal it later ) and thus JongUp and Zelo grab the opportunity to show their flawless dance moves. Daehyun once again is making the chorus very addicting with his voice and Himchan steals the show with the catch phrase 'The roof is on fire'. In the rest of the mv we see some scenes of Las Vegas while B.A.P dances along with the beat. Highlight of the mv is probably Zelo's hair which makes him look even more baby ( in a good - cute way ).

So there you have it babyz! According to your style of music choose the song you like the most ( even both ) until the release of the third song!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Falling In Love with 2ne1

Summer is all about freedom, no worries, free time to do the things you love like going to the beach, reading books, going out, meeting your friends and falling in love. So you need a song to accompany those activities and feelings. Don't search right or left because it's right in front of you. Just listen to 'Falling In Love' by 2ne1. 
'Falling In Love' is a reggae pop song and the lyrics tell the story of a girl who falls in love with a guy and she's trapped in his handsomeness. But since we are talking about 2ne1 throw away all the thoughts about a cute, girly song or mv. No. 2ne1 make this concept in their own way too, and they succeed it. With lyrics like 'I'm going to make you mine, that's what a queen do' CL turms this song in a 2ne1-as-we-know-of-song. My favorite part of the song except for the chorus, the 'Touch Me Over Here, Touch Me Over There' ( seriously there are no parts not to like ) is again CL's rap especially the 'Yeah In The Club it's getting Ugly, I Don't Care, Can't Nobody stop the Fire let them haters sit and stare'. All their previous hits combine in one lyric. Legendary.
In the mv we see sets like ancient Rome ( I think ) with the girls being the Queens, a beach where they wear summer clothes, Park Bom and CL's dresses are awesome and a street area where they watch their boys playing basketball. About the choreography the little jumps, the wave - hands and the body rolls they do in the chorus are a perfect fit for the song, without exaggerating. Highlights of the mv is the beginning where Minzy and CL are pointing and smiling at each other and when Bom shows Dara the boy who stole her attention.
My favorite things about 2ne1's comeback is that they are gonna release three more songs this summer until they release of their album around September or October. Also Papa YG or Yang Hyun Suk is making a new promotional strategy so the girls will appear more often on Variety Shows. music stages and releasing their own show 'Double Park TV' with Park Bom and Dara. The YG Ladies are here to stay and make this summer a 2ne1 Summer!
So chech the mv below and as 2ne1 says Make It Happen!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bangtan Boys are bulletproof

Bangtan Boys are probably the Best Rookie Boy Group of this year. I mean just from the teaser photos - to get to know the members - and the teaser mv for their debut song, they immediately gain your attention. The good thing is that you won't regret it.
Bangtan Boys came to the K-pop scene with their debut single '2 cool 4' skool and the title track 'No More Dream'. 'We Are Bulletproof' must be the best song in their single. It's so powerful and addicting that you will end up listening to it on repeat. I believe this is why they composed it. There is also a mid tempo hip hop song called 'I Like It'. No comments since the title says it all. One nice featuring in this single is that it contains a skit in which you can hear the boys talking. It's probably scripted since it's called 'Skit' but anyways it's fun and amusing listening to the boys! 'No More Dream' the track they decided to promote is the best song to get to know them and to steal the spotlight and make it shine only on them.
About the mv now. Since our boys are '2 cool 4 skool' they stole the school bus and tried to get away but they crashed into a bunch of carton boxes, so they got off the school bus and decided to join their friends. Although in the beginning the did normal stuff - just riding on bikes and doing skateboard - in the end they pretty much destroyed everything. As a result, police caught them. Or maybe not?
The choreography is flawless. The parts : '거짓알이야 you are such a liar', see me see me ya' when they point their shoulders and 'lalalalala' when they slide are awesome! The highlight of the dance is when the members form a line and Jimin, with the help of JungKook, is walking on the menbers.
Releasing also their showcase in which they perform their songs, you will have the chance to see that they don't seem rookies, their attitude, style and presence confirm that, and they also do a small interview to promote their album and to get to know them even more. Plus their entertainment released a bts video of the mv making and a dance version to keep their fans happy. Extra info : Their fan club name is A.R.M.Y. Perfect, awesome and most suitable fan name!
What is left is simple : Just press the play button.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Henry is trapped

To tell you the truth I was surprised when I heard that SM will debut a new solo male artist. I was wondering who could it be, someone who we know or not? So when I found out that is Super Junior - M's Henry I couldn't hide my happy feelings!
I'm so excited that SM gave Henry a chance to shine! This kid has a lot of talents in his sleeve ( cooking, dancing, playing the guitar, the piano, the violin and he speaks Korean, Chinese and English extremely well ) so it's nice for Elfs to see him as a solo artist.
Let's start with his mv and the title track 'Trap'. Both the song and the mv shows his amazing dance, singing and piano skills. In the beginning of the mv we see Henry in a luxurious room - notice the burning ceiling - playing effortlessly a nice melody on the piano. I think we all agree to just let him playing the piano and doing nothing else. Then as the song starts he plays the piano again but now in a modern studio with dancers accompany him. As the mv continuous he walks and dance on the piano and dancing along with the dancers. The choreography might look simple but it actually isn't. Henry has this-free-hip-hop-vibe in him and thus he makes everything looking really easy when it's not. In the mv Henry is trying to forget his ex-girlfriend but he has a difficult time since every little thing reminds him of her until he finds the courage and the will to get away and leave nothing else but lashes beside him. 
But if you think that's all, think again. If you are a SHINee or a Super Junior fan then you probably don't wanna miss this mv because it features Taemin and Kyuhyun!The best dancer and the best vocalist in a best debut song. How better can it be?

Taemin and Kyuhyun, bring their own talents in the mv and song. Taemin shows his amazing dance skills, even in a short period of time and Kyuhyun makes the song even better with his incredible voice.
Henry's 1st mini album 'Trap' is definitely a worth buying album. All the songs are amazing and it's really difficult to choose which one is better. Listen to '1-4-3', ( a new way to say I love you ) 'My Everything', 'Holiday','Ready To Love' and the english song 'I would' and try to choose one too. I have to give props to SM Entertainment. They make good promotions with their artists and they provide best quality albums.
Don't waste any time. Press play and get ready to get trapped with Henry.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vixx can't control themselves

It seems to me that Vixx has joined the dark side - think about their previous song 'On and On' and now 'Hyde' - and it feels like they have found their comfort zone. I mean these dark concepts seem to fit them really well, not that I didn't like 'Rock Your Body', so guys keep up the good work!
Releasing their 1st mini album 'Hyde' Vixx didn't disappoint Starlights at all! From the jacket photos to the title track, Vixx has become a more manly group showing their awesome singing and dancing skills. 'Hyde' is a powerful, dance song with a mystery sound and some addictive parts like the 'Just can't control, just can't control'. So if you search for a dramatic song with an addictive beat for your playlist, 'Hyde' is what you are looking for.
The mv couldn't fit the song any better. The scenes are filled with reptiles like snakes and spiders, skulls and some other creatures that I'm not a fun of. In the mv we see the boys having two personalities, a bad and an evil, and they trying to not show their evil side to the girl they want. No matter how hard they try though in the end they become demons and as a result they can't control their actions any more. I like that Vixx manages to look sexy and confident even though they had to do weird expressions like yell, bite or scream. That shows that Vixx owns the villain concept too. 
Now to my favorite part : The choreography! I must say that Vixx knows what to do and how to do it. They capture you from the beginning when Ravi introduces Vixx and the everyone falls down and we see Leo singing with trembling hands. Also afterwards when Ken dances with Hongbin and N. This is what I like more in their dance routine, that they don't dance the song as a group but they split or dancing in small groups. That makes both the song and the dance more intense. Also this time the 'Just can't control' part and the finale are a masterpiece.
Their mini album contains five songs with 'Love Letter' being the only ballad and 'Light Me Up' stealing the show. If you are a fan of Girls' Day then you should listen to 'You Are Mine' which features Minah.
So Starlights will you join Vixx to the dark side? 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's going on with B1A4?

Since the K-pop trend these days is to ask questions - if you don't know what I mean check 4Minute, SHINee, Hello Venus and now B1A4 title tracks - I think I should also have question titles for my articles. In this case it's not really hard since I borrowed B1A4's 4th Mini Album title 'What's Going On?'
Until they made their comeback I hadn't realized how much I missed them! So for their return our boys changed their music style. Leaving behind their nolstagic, ballad vibe for a more dance, pop sound, it kinda reminds me their 'Ok' and 'Baby Good Night' era. Maybe they wanted to return to their roots which is a good thing since the song is amazing! 
I find it interesting that we hear a small narration in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the song from Jinyoung and Baro. It's like we can hear their thoughts and it gives a funny note to the song. My favorite part is when Baro and CNU are singing. Especially the 거짓말 is very addicting! The chorus is so up-lifting that it makes you turn the volupe up and start singing and jumping up and down.
As for the mv I like the whole 'stuck - in - a - dollhouse -' theme. B1A4 likes a girl but it seems to me that the girl doesn't like them to much. ( what to expect from a girl that wears a mask ) . Maybe if she wasn't stuck up in a room with another guy ( who is also wearing a mask ) the whole situation might be different. Anyway the boys don't give up and they try to invade in the girl's room by making holes in the wall, putting secret cameras to see what the duo is doing and many other spying things that don't work out. What is left is their human power that it has a pretty huge effect since they managed to destroy the wall and the door. They also beat out the mask-boy too by cutting his head off with a pillow. ( Note : stay away from Baro if he's holding a pillow ). But now that the mask-boy is gone, the members get in a pillow fight with each other to see who is gonna be with the girl. The funniest scenes in the mv is probably when Baro threatens the mask-boy and when the members sit on the couch exhausted while they are looking at the camera. Hilarious!
Although we don't get to see much of B1A4's choreography, the fast hand movements they do near the end are awesome!
So Banas to see yourselves what's happening, press the play button!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tea time with Hello Venus

I start to believe that Hello Venus must be the most nicest girl group. I mean they previously asked us 'What we are doing' and because they don't want us to feel lonely, now they ask us if we want some tea. But not just any kind of tea!
Hello Venus returned with their 3rd mini album 'Do You Want Some Tea?' which is also the title track. I admit that I really liked the song the moment I pressed the play button. It has a nice melody and a nostalgic vibe, which is not bad since it makes the song even better. The girls show their amazing vocals also through this song, proving that they are one of the best rookies out there. Not for too long though!
The mv tells a story that many girls can be related to. The girls seem to be really into one guy so they go out on a date with him but at the end of the date he never makes that one extra step : kissing them. Instead of feel sad about it, the girls decide to make a love potion! So on the next date they pour the love potion on his tea but it hasn't the same effect in all of them. Yooara is the lucky one since the guy fells in love with her and he gives her a present. And although Yooyoung poured some love potion too, the guy doesn't  have an impact. At the end of the mv we see Nara having the best date so far since - as it looks like - she managed to stole a kiss.
The choreography matches the song perfectly. The moves are simple and detailed with small gestures and in some parts the girls dance in groups of two. What I like the most though are the clothes! The '60's dresses with the geometrical patterns are the right choice for this kind of song. A big applaud to the designer team!
So, Hello Cupids now that you know, wil you have some tea?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

They make History

History is a new rookie boy group and probably is gonna be my favorite in 2013. It's one of those groups that will gain your attention and you will love them either you want it or not. So we should applaud Loen for debuting its' first boy group.
Loen did a very good job promoting History with some small but smart moves. The individual teasers to know the members were hilarious. Each member shows a charisma and some dating tips that a man needs to have in order to get noticed - and most important - be with the girl he wants. The members show their charisma but they tend to overreact and in the end they loose the girl except for Do Kyun. If you are a fan of Loen you will know that the girl in the teasers is Jia, leader of Fiestar. The teasers are funny, the boys are cute so the outcome is pretty obvious. Become a History fan is unavoidable.
History ( which stands for His Story ) begin their story with the single album 'Dreamer' which is also the title track. The song is a masterpiece, the mv is amazing and the boys have killing vocals, looks and dance skills. I guess Loen's statement that History is an alternative group that will go beyond the standard sound was true. I wish they will stay that way.
I was so excited when I heard the song and saw the mv.  The song begins with a piano sound and the group's powerful vocals. We also get to listen a narration of IU. As the song continuous the drums beat and melody make the song incredible and truly speaking, I don't want to come to an end. Personally I like the chorus and the 'One step, two step' part. It's just so awesome!
The mv features the beautiful Son Dam Bi and although I don't understand the plot, I think that the boys are in a past era ( the clothes and car make me say that ). The musical stage when the group dances it also gives that past era vibe and I absolutely love it. The choreography is not too much neither too little and it shows the great parts of the song. My favorite scene though is when they getting dressed and stand in front of the mirror. 진짜 님자! 

The single album has some nice songs too like 'The Last Time' and 'D-Day'. Both songs shows their amazing vocals but 'D-Day' might be the best song in the album right after 'Dreamer'. It's worth listening.
It seems that their story will shine bright in the future, and indeed they will make History!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nod Along with M.I.B.

I became familiar with M.I.B. when I saw their 'Only Hard For Me' mv. I really liked the song, and their hip hop sound, different among the othet boy Idol groups, but I wasn't that impressed to learn more about them and be a Buster. Until they made their comeback with their 2nd mini album 'Money In The Building'.
M.I.B. returned to the music scene with the song 'Nod Along' and gained my full attention. The song has an amazing ballance of rap and vocals making it difficult not to like it and listen to it on repeat. Cream's part must be the most addicting part of the song, that's why it's the first thing you listen as the song starts. ( Tiger JK knows what he's doing ). Right after Cream we listen to Kangnam's refreshing vocals, thinking that the song is probably gonna be a ballad but then 5Zic and Sims appear on the scene to erase that thought. 5Zic and Sims have a back and forth rapping instead of singing each his own part that gives a more powerful vibe to the song and it feels like a rap battle when they perform on music stages. That's why I think that both fans of ballad and rap will be fans of that song too!
As for the mv, although it's nice I don't really understand it. At the beginning we see a dramatic scene in which Kangnam is running while the other members scream and feel sad about the girl who died in a car accident. At this point the plot is clear until the song starts. Cream is lying on the road probably dead too ( the blood rewind makes me confused ) and Kangnam is in an old storage and he thinks that pills are candy ( please be easy on them ). By the way he looks so handsome with short hair! I like the anime themes that are shown through 5Zic and Sims scenes - blue, yellow lightings and explosions - especially in the car scene. 
The album has other great songs like my favorite 'Money In The building' . With Tiger JK being the producer of the album and MFBTY featuring in the songs, you can't expect nothing less than an awesome outcome.
So with this comeback M.I.B. is gonna be around for a long time!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

15& needs Somebody

15& came back to the music scene with a bold statement : They want somebody. They are gonna do anything to find one and since they are Idols, well the best way is to sing a song about it. Smart move!
Totally different from their debut track 'I Dream', 'Somebody' is a pop fun song to both listen and watch. Fans seem to share the same idea since upon its release the song did an 'all-kill' on music charts. No wonder why.
The song has a catchy vibe that will make you listen to it again and again. I like the tune at the beginning. It seems like it's a tune from a spy movie. ( I'm doing a good promotion here). The girls are able to show their vocals in this song but not so much though as in 'I Dream'. I don't think it's bad because I find it good to experiment with different types of songs and music and not just stick to one.
The mv's theme is about the show which helped Park Ji Min be famous and be in JYP Entertainment. I'm talking about 'K-Pop Star' which in this case is called '15& Star'. We see Park Ji Min and Baek Yerin in two roles. The one is being the contestants and the other is being the judges. The judges are referring to the big three companies but with their names changed as well. So we have SN, YZ and JMP.

The girls managed to imitate the judges really well, especially YG and JYP. The mv has some funny moments in it such as the over excited contestant who is begging them to give him a chance, the JMP judge putting a lipstick and even the real JYP making an appearance! I find it very funny that they cut him off and they comforted him at the end. We also can see Baek Ah Yeon when the judges are mesmerized by her performance. I wondered why they didn't pass some other contestants. They seem pretty good.
The choreography isn't difficult but instead is easy to follow. The body rolling and the small arm movements at the chorus will probably be the new dance when we will listen to the word 'somebody'. The clothes are bright with lines and geometrical patterns as we saw on the posters.
So, click the play button and start to sing 'I want somebody, body'!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fly to Love with Lunafly

Since spring is all around us now, we need a band and a song to make us feel more happy, excited and carefree! Those adjectives represent perfectly Lunafly and their new song 'Fly To Love'.
Lunafly came back with their 1st full album 'Fly To Love'. The album is awesome for two reasons : 1) It combines new and previous songs together. So you will have the chance to listen to the new 'Help Me Find A Way' but also listen some old songs like 'How Nice It Would Be'. 2) I think the highlight of the album is that it has two discs. One is in Korean and the other one is in English. Lunafly thinks a lot about the domestic and internationals fans - Lukies - since the beginning. They had released their songs in both Korean and English. They make it impossible not to love them!
The song is very up-lifting and will get you in a happy mood the moment you will start listen to it. I can describe it also as a spring-summer song. The song that will make you find a reason to do what you like and create lots of memories.
About the music video, Lunafly makes you realize that you don't need a high budget to film a one. The beginning of the video is very funny. We see our three boys sitting on a couch wondering what to do. The cartoon sounds, drawing and expressions of the members are making it even more hilarious. Then Sam sees the guitar and has an amazing idea. He gets up, points out with his head the guitar to help the mebers realize what he's thinking as they look surprised and out of the blue he transforms into a singer! Yun and Teo decide to join him. If you don't know the members yet don't get nervous as the mv helps you to know their names and it also has the english lyrics of the song in it as well. The vivid and bright colors lead to an explosion of colors later to get you in the happy mood that we were talking above. The mv ends as it started, without the members this time but only the guitar. We must give it some credits since it was the reason to start the song and the mv.
So, Lukies support your boys and fly with them!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Infinite is in love

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here! Infinite made their comeback and I'm pretty sure is the most anticipated comeback! Inspirits must have gone crazy waiting for them, that's why they gave them an awesome present as well : An All-Kill on music charts! But Infinite didn't come with empty hands either.
Infinite came back with the release of their 4th mini album 'New Challenge'. I think the title describes both their return as also their new songs. This time around, our seven boys are in love and they are not afraid to tell it, show it, sing it and dance to it, since the title track they chose is called 'Man In Love'. And we are happy to see them that way, as they show their love to inspirits!
If you try to find what beat and rhythm, happiness, optimism and joy would might have, they will sound as this track. As you press the play button, first you won't regret it and second you will filled with overwhelming happy feelings while tears of joy will cover your face. I might overreacting but it's the truth.
The mv has the same impact as the boys have. To fell in love with them over again. ( As we need a reason for that ). The plot, the dancing, the vivid and bright colors, represent the song flawlessly. We see each one member being involved into something. Dongwoo is writing a love letter or poem, SungJong finds a cute kitty in front of his door ( I don't know who is more adorable SungJong or the kitty ) and decides to take her inside while he's trying to find out what to wear, L is defimitely lost in love as all he can think about is love, Sungyeol is cooking, Hoya is trying to buy something for his girlfriend, Sunggyu is setting up a beautiful scenery and Woohyun goes to a kindergarten to practice his piano skills, as he wants to compose a song. Funniest moments of the mv will be when Hoya is lost in the department store, looking desperately around to find something nice while he's trying out shoes and a bag ( at least he takes some time and does and effort ), Woohyun stare Sungyeol because he stole his piano post, L going to the Infinite University - every inspirits' dream - and when Woohyun is beaten up by the children. 

No need to talk about the choreography since Infinite has a master degree on that. Excellent and synchronized performance also this time. At the beginning of the song Hoya and Dongwoo are showing their crazy dance skills and I like that L is also an up front dancer. The backgrounds are amazing. Heaven meets reality. First they dance in what it looks like a cloudy, heavenly set and later they dance in a modern studio. At this point may say that they look so handsome in suits! Those edgy, black and dark blue suits make them irresistible.
In the end we see the boys results. Dongwoo finished his letter and sent it away, the kitty helped SungJong what to wear, L realized is not bad to be in love because everyone around him is also in love, Sungyeol made fortune cookies, Hoya found a lovely necklace, Sunggyu decorated the place and Woohyun gained confidence playing the piano.
The breathtaking individual close ups were made for one reason only. To choose which one you will be in love with!

Friday, March 15, 2013

High expectation on Girl's Day

It seems Girls' Day is gonna be the second girl group I write on March and the reason why is simple. Their comeback is amazing and they brought on the table a different concept and image. Good enough reasons for me.
Girls' Day released their 1st full length album 'Expectation' which is also the title track. Dai5yz must had high expectations for their comeback too and it seems that Girls' Day didn't disappoint them. 'Expectation' is an upbeat - dance song and once you listen to it, you will probably dance and sing along 'woo hoo woo hoo'. Apart from the title track the album contains some other worth listening songs too. Check 'Easy Go' - personal favorite - if your mood is up and you need another reason to go even higher or 'I Don't Mind' if you craving for ballad. In the album you will also find some previous hits like 'Don't Forget Me', 'Oh My God' and more.
Let's return to 'Expectation' and its music video. First of all although the song tells about a girl who is determined to catch the boy she wants and to change him from being a palyboy to a good boy, in the mv the plot is kinda different. We see Yura being with her boyfriend, sharing some cute moments together but later she finds out that he is cheating on her. She thinks how she used to be when they first met, an innocent girl, and so she decides to change and becomes more fierce in order to teach him a lesson. In that case she shows her new self to him and ends the relationship. 
The song, the mv and the choreography show how new and improve Girls' Day is now since their debut. From being cute, now they are more mature. The dance shows how you can be seductive without being too sexy. The black and red combination looks great and I think it's clever that they use the suspenders while they are dancing. The background is simple : black with red/yellow lighting or white but it highligths all the right points and it doesn't steal the attention from the girls.
As the Girls say : Everyday Girls' Day! Not an obvious reason to change that!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

D-Unit shows a different face

It's been a while since I wrote about a girl group, B.A.P, Nu'Est and Teen Top didn't allow anyone else to steal their spotlight, but now I have a good reason to return to girl groups. That is D-Unit's new song 'Talk To My Face'.
D-Unit made their comeback with their second album 'Affirmative Chapter 1' but they also had a big change in the group. Along with Ujin, Zin and Ram, we salute the new member JNEY (former member of GP Basic). Also producer of the title track was Zico from Block B! Now that's what I call an ACE! Zico you should definitely produce more songs! I like that in the beginning we get to listen Zico's voice and his characteristic 'Brraaa' in the middle of the song. Solid artist, solid song.
Now back to our girls and the mv. The mv portrays two things : Friendship and love. We see a guy, Ujin's boyfriend, to completely ignore her calls because apparently sleeping and reading magazines are better things to do instead of being with your girlfriend. Ujin discovers that he ignores her, so she and her friends go to his house and bullying him. Girls' power! Later, Ujin gets more upset as she sees that her boyfriend is not wearing his couple ring and thus she leaves. Up until now we all assume that her boyfriend is an idiot and the best option for her is to leave him. But it seems that he has a good heart after all as he realizes that it's their anniversary and with the help of her friends, they organize a surprise party. And as for his ring, he decided it was better to wear it as a necklace, so no worries Ujin.
The choreography, the outfits and the beat of the song are amazing! The outfits have more color and they are more girly compare to 'Luv Me' and 'Missing You' but not too much though. D-Unit manages to keep their identity by making little changes in their appearances. As for the choreography it has nice moves and flow and my favorite movement is at the 'look at me' part or 'the searching dance' 
All you have to do is press click and talk to their faces!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teen Top is No.1!

Angels the wait is finally over! Teen Top is back with their 1st full length album 'No1!' and they will definitely shake things up! Although I was familiar with Teen Top before, I love 'To You' and 'Crazy', I wasn't an Angel but after the release of their new album let me just say that they gain one more fan!
Teen Top made an 180% transformation. From cute boys they became men. Just look their jacket photos and you wil agree with me. Before the release of their new album, they pre-released the song 'I wanna love'. The song and the mv were T-O-P (any reference to Big Bang's T.O.P. is just a coincidence). Perfect upbeat song, the mv was filmed in Hong Kong and Niel's part is my favorite! I believe this song was just a taste to inform us that Teen Top will be different from now on. Well change is always for the best!
Their new song 'Miss Right' is also a dance track with funky beats and cool rhythm. In the mv the boys look for Miss Right who in this case is actress Shin Bora. We see them being bored in the classroom but as soon as Shin Bora arrives they all get interested in her. The funniest parts are probably Chunji pretended to sleep so he could see the girl taking her clothes off ( Naughty Chunji ) and also Teen Top jumping and making silly things in the locker room. I think L. Joe made a lot of girls either go 'aaww' or flipping tables when he kinda kissed Shin Bora. It wasn't a directly kiss though. A huge mask was in the middle so no harm girls!
The highlight of the mv, in my opinion, is the choreogrpahy. Teen Top has always and I mean always the best choreographies! They are the only ones who can perform this groovy/smoothy I - dont - know - how - to - call - it - dance. Niel is the master of this dance but I like that Chunji has some spotlight too.
As for the album is a masterpiece! All the songs are amazing. Seriously the whole album is perfection. Listen to 'Missing You' or 'Hello' if you want to get emotional or 'Why' and 'So Sweet' to dance all night.
Check the mv and scream Here we go Teen top!