Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vixx can't control themselves

It seems to me that Vixx has joined the dark side - think about their previous song 'On and On' and now 'Hyde' - and it feels like they have found their comfort zone. I mean these dark concepts seem to fit them really well, not that I didn't like 'Rock Your Body', so guys keep up the good work!
Releasing their 1st mini album 'Hyde' Vixx didn't disappoint Starlights at all! From the jacket photos to the title track, Vixx has become a more manly group showing their awesome singing and dancing skills. 'Hyde' is a powerful, dance song with a mystery sound and some addictive parts like the 'Just can't control, just can't control'. So if you search for a dramatic song with an addictive beat for your playlist, 'Hyde' is what you are looking for.
The mv couldn't fit the song any better. The scenes are filled with reptiles like snakes and spiders, skulls and some other creatures that I'm not a fun of. In the mv we see the boys having two personalities, a bad and an evil, and they trying to not show their evil side to the girl they want. No matter how hard they try though in the end they become demons and as a result they can't control their actions any more. I like that Vixx manages to look sexy and confident even though they had to do weird expressions like yell, bite or scream. That shows that Vixx owns the villain concept too. 
Now to my favorite part : The choreography! I must say that Vixx knows what to do and how to do it. They capture you from the beginning when Ravi introduces Vixx and the everyone falls down and we see Leo singing with trembling hands. Also afterwards when Ken dances with Hongbin and N. This is what I like more in their dance routine, that they don't dance the song as a group but they split or dancing in small groups. That makes both the song and the dance more intense. Also this time the 'Just can't control' part and the finale are a masterpiece.
Their mini album contains five songs with 'Love Letter' being the only ballad and 'Light Me Up' stealing the show. If you are a fan of Girls' Day then you should listen to 'You Are Mine' which features Minah.
So Starlights will you join Vixx to the dark side? 

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