Sunday, April 28, 2013

They make History

History is a new rookie boy group and probably is gonna be my favorite in 2013. It's one of those groups that will gain your attention and you will love them either you want it or not. So we should applaud Loen for debuting its' first boy group.
Loen did a very good job promoting History with some small but smart moves. The individual teasers to know the members were hilarious. Each member shows a charisma and some dating tips that a man needs to have in order to get noticed - and most important - be with the girl he wants. The members show their charisma but they tend to overreact and in the end they loose the girl except for Do Kyun. If you are a fan of Loen you will know that the girl in the teasers is Jia, leader of Fiestar. The teasers are funny, the boys are cute so the outcome is pretty obvious. Become a History fan is unavoidable.
History ( which stands for His Story ) begin their story with the single album 'Dreamer' which is also the title track. The song is a masterpiece, the mv is amazing and the boys have killing vocals, looks and dance skills. I guess Loen's statement that History is an alternative group that will go beyond the standard sound was true. I wish they will stay that way.
I was so excited when I heard the song and saw the mv.  The song begins with a piano sound and the group's powerful vocals. We also get to listen a narration of IU. As the song continuous the drums beat and melody make the song incredible and truly speaking, I don't want to come to an end. Personally I like the chorus and the 'One step, two step' part. It's just so awesome!
The mv features the beautiful Son Dam Bi and although I don't understand the plot, I think that the boys are in a past era ( the clothes and car make me say that ). The musical stage when the group dances it also gives that past era vibe and I absolutely love it. The choreography is not too much neither too little and it shows the great parts of the song. My favorite scene though is when they getting dressed and stand in front of the mirror. 진짜 님자! 

The single album has some nice songs too like 'The Last Time' and 'D-Day'. Both songs shows their amazing vocals but 'D-Day' might be the best song in the album right after 'Dreamer'. It's worth listening.
It seems that their story will shine bright in the future, and indeed they will make History!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nod Along with M.I.B.

I became familiar with M.I.B. when I saw their 'Only Hard For Me' mv. I really liked the song, and their hip hop sound, different among the othet boy Idol groups, but I wasn't that impressed to learn more about them and be a Buster. Until they made their comeback with their 2nd mini album 'Money In The Building'.
M.I.B. returned to the music scene with the song 'Nod Along' and gained my full attention. The song has an amazing ballance of rap and vocals making it difficult not to like it and listen to it on repeat. Cream's part must be the most addicting part of the song, that's why it's the first thing you listen as the song starts. ( Tiger JK knows what he's doing ). Right after Cream we listen to Kangnam's refreshing vocals, thinking that the song is probably gonna be a ballad but then 5Zic and Sims appear on the scene to erase that thought. 5Zic and Sims have a back and forth rapping instead of singing each his own part that gives a more powerful vibe to the song and it feels like a rap battle when they perform on music stages. That's why I think that both fans of ballad and rap will be fans of that song too!
As for the mv, although it's nice I don't really understand it. At the beginning we see a dramatic scene in which Kangnam is running while the other members scream and feel sad about the girl who died in a car accident. At this point the plot is clear until the song starts. Cream is lying on the road probably dead too ( the blood rewind makes me confused ) and Kangnam is in an old storage and he thinks that pills are candy ( please be easy on them ). By the way he looks so handsome with short hair! I like the anime themes that are shown through 5Zic and Sims scenes - blue, yellow lightings and explosions - especially in the car scene. 
The album has other great songs like my favorite 'Money In The building' . With Tiger JK being the producer of the album and MFBTY featuring in the songs, you can't expect nothing less than an awesome outcome.
So with this comeback M.I.B. is gonna be around for a long time!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

15& needs Somebody

15& came back to the music scene with a bold statement : They want somebody. They are gonna do anything to find one and since they are Idols, well the best way is to sing a song about it. Smart move!
Totally different from their debut track 'I Dream', 'Somebody' is a pop fun song to both listen and watch. Fans seem to share the same idea since upon its release the song did an 'all-kill' on music charts. No wonder why.
The song has a catchy vibe that will make you listen to it again and again. I like the tune at the beginning. It seems like it's a tune from a spy movie. ( I'm doing a good promotion here). The girls are able to show their vocals in this song but not so much though as in 'I Dream'. I don't think it's bad because I find it good to experiment with different types of songs and music and not just stick to one.
The mv's theme is about the show which helped Park Ji Min be famous and be in JYP Entertainment. I'm talking about 'K-Pop Star' which in this case is called '15& Star'. We see Park Ji Min and Baek Yerin in two roles. The one is being the contestants and the other is being the judges. The judges are referring to the big three companies but with their names changed as well. So we have SN, YZ and JMP.

The girls managed to imitate the judges really well, especially YG and JYP. The mv has some funny moments in it such as the over excited contestant who is begging them to give him a chance, the JMP judge putting a lipstick and even the real JYP making an appearance! I find it very funny that they cut him off and they comforted him at the end. We also can see Baek Ah Yeon when the judges are mesmerized by her performance. I wondered why they didn't pass some other contestants. They seem pretty good.
The choreography isn't difficult but instead is easy to follow. The body rolling and the small arm movements at the chorus will probably be the new dance when we will listen to the word 'somebody'. The clothes are bright with lines and geometrical patterns as we saw on the posters.
So, click the play button and start to sing 'I want somebody, body'!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fly to Love with Lunafly

Since spring is all around us now, we need a band and a song to make us feel more happy, excited and carefree! Those adjectives represent perfectly Lunafly and their new song 'Fly To Love'.
Lunafly came back with their 1st full album 'Fly To Love'. The album is awesome for two reasons : 1) It combines new and previous songs together. So you will have the chance to listen to the new 'Help Me Find A Way' but also listen some old songs like 'How Nice It Would Be'. 2) I think the highlight of the album is that it has two discs. One is in Korean and the other one is in English. Lunafly thinks a lot about the domestic and internationals fans - Lukies - since the beginning. They had released their songs in both Korean and English. They make it impossible not to love them!
The song is very up-lifting and will get you in a happy mood the moment you will start listen to it. I can describe it also as a spring-summer song. The song that will make you find a reason to do what you like and create lots of memories.
About the music video, Lunafly makes you realize that you don't need a high budget to film a one. The beginning of the video is very funny. We see our three boys sitting on a couch wondering what to do. The cartoon sounds, drawing and expressions of the members are making it even more hilarious. Then Sam sees the guitar and has an amazing idea. He gets up, points out with his head the guitar to help the mebers realize what he's thinking as they look surprised and out of the blue he transforms into a singer! Yun and Teo decide to join him. If you don't know the members yet don't get nervous as the mv helps you to know their names and it also has the english lyrics of the song in it as well. The vivid and bright colors lead to an explosion of colors later to get you in the happy mood that we were talking above. The mv ends as it started, without the members this time but only the guitar. We must give it some credits since it was the reason to start the song and the mv.
So, Lukies support your boys and fly with them!