Friday, February 14, 2014

Kiss & Cry, Spica and Ladies' Code

I decided to write an article about three girl groups that grabbed my attention with their debut songs or with their long awaited comeback. So let's start.


Kiss & Cry made their debut on January with the song Domino Game. I must say that I was pleasant surprised. The song has a latin - pop sound and combined with the girls' amazing vocals it can be very addicted to listen to. The girls are able to show their vocal ability and their dance skills. The choreography is very well made. I really like the clock move at the beginning and the dance break near the end. Although they are rookies, Dia participated in the making of the song and that shows that this group has some more skills to show. The mv is simple. We get screen shots of the girls and we see parts of the choreography as well. I think the outfits suit really well with song. The black, leather and the white-yellow-blue outfits are by far the best! Kiss & Cry sunbaes is Mr.Mr. I must take the chance to say here that all Mr.Mr songs are great and very easy and nice to listen to. Just listen to Highway and Do you feel me and you will understand. Their agency seems to produce very nice songs and that also happens in the case of Kiss & Cry. So I will definitely keep an eye on them and hope to make an awesome comeback as their debut was. They have the potential to be a top girl group in the future.
P.S. I will make another suggestion here. What if their fan club name was Kiss & Tell? It seems good, isn't it?


What to say about Spica. One of the most talented girl group in the K-pop scene. I mean those vocals *-*. Spica made their return with the digiteal single You Don't Love Me and managed to steal the spotlight. The crowd, in addition to their song, show them that they love them so much that they almost had the chance to win on a music show! Although they didn't win ( let's congratulate AOA here ) I'm sure just being nominated meant a lot to them. Spica were one of the most underestimated girl groups. You would thought that with their looks and most important vocals, they would easily be a top girl group but that wasn't the case. Luckily with the help of Lee Hyori who changed their image and pointed their music style in another direction, without loosing their identity though, Spica got finally recognized. You Don't Love Me is a retro - jazz song which captivates you from the start. The mv is very funny with retro elements and vintage style so we can all say that this look totally fits perfect on Spica.


This girl group is gonna go far. Very far. They have managed to catch really high spots on music shows, especially with their previous single Pretty Pretty. Now they returned with another great song called So Wonderful. The teaser kinda scared me though. Wrapped up in plastic and be a mannequin wihtout arms and legs..talked about creepiness. The girls look so pretty and mature in their dresses and their new hairstyle fits them well. I thing Sujong looks great as a brunette. Not that blonde wasn't good on her but still : P
Anyway I don't really understand the mv. The girls are mannequins and a guy is looking at them closely because she wants to combine the best of each girl characteristics in order to create the perfect girl? But in the end he is a mannequin too? I'm sorry I don't really understand it. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong : )
Although I didn't understand the plot, the mv is awesome and the girls as well. I really like that the girls use michrophones as a part of the choreograohy. So laverns support Ladies' Code so that they can be even higher on music shows and why not winning as well.

I think 2014 is the rookie year so let's keep it that way and let's help rookie groups to shine even more!