Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boa - Disturbance

Jumping BoAs must be really happy about their Queen! Not only Boa made her 1st concert in Seoul on the 26th but she also released her new song 'Disturbance' that day as a gift to her fans that attended her concert. 2 days later, on the 28th, SM entertainment revealed the song and the music video to the public via YouTube.
Her new song is different from both 'Only One' and 'The Shadow' simply because this time we have the chance to listen Boa's amazing vocals. This mid - tempo ballad song suits her perfectly. I like that she doesn't dance but she focusses on her voice. We all know that she is a killing dancing machine so I think it's nice to also see another side of her. Not that she has to prove anything though.
The mv is a highlight by itself. We get to see a plot between Boa and Taemin! Our lovely SHINee's maknae is featuring in the mv, as Boa's boyfriend, and we can all see that he has grown up! He's a real man now and he lets to see that through the mv. Also Boa's brother has directed it that's why it's different from SM's music videos.
Now about the mv it starts with Taemin sitting in a living room, putting a ring on his finger and set the hourglass on. I think this is the 'key' to the mv because the end of it lies upon it. After that he plans to leave the house but he decides not to. In the mv we see Boa and Teamin happy and sad moments. I like that we can see some interaction among SM Town's members! As the mv reaches the end we get to my favorite part : You can determine its ending! You can choose between 'Let time go by' or 'Go back to the past'. Whichever caption you choose, you go back to the hourglass scene and you can see what will happen from now on. I'm not going to tell you since I don't want to spoil it.
See the mv and be the masters of its fate!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It sounds like B.A.P.

Although it seems like they never left, B.A.P made their comeback with their new pre-released track 'Rain Sound'. Ahead of the release of their new album - this February - B.A.P didn't want to leave their Babyz waiting so they gave us a taste (?) on what to expect when they will return on music stages.
The teaser for 'Rain Sound' made me believe that it will be like their 'Warrior' era but I couldn't be more wrong. It doesn't sound neither like 'Warrior' nor 'Crash' songs but maybe something in between. 'Rain Sound' is a hip hop ballad and it tells the story about a man who can't forget his past love with the sound of the rain reminds him her voice. The first seconds are enough to fell in love with this song. Youngjae's simple 'o..ouoh..o..ouoh~~' and YongGuk's rap are the perfect baits to make you keep listening the song until the end. Not that Daehyun's vocals, Himchan and Jongup's parts can't have the same outcome. Now about Zelo's part. I find it amazing!Seriously the way he's acting, the more serious and soft voice he has at the beginning of his part and his unique style of rapping later, it's just incredible!
The mv features the color green. At first I thought they use it because it's B.A.P 's official color but apparently it stands for healing. That's why Zelo and Youngjae are so sad and angry each, because it hasn't have this result. Zelo's flower is still dry and Youngjae can bring his 'girlfriend' back.
I think that although B.AP. hasn't rest a bit and their making one comeback after another, their songs are decent and wonderful. They have tried so many different styles so far and they have managed to make them fit their own type. True artists!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Infinite - H is special

I start to believe that Wooliment knows how to take advantage (in a good way) the big group of their company : Infinite. When you have two both talented and good-looking boys in it, well it's a must-do to create a unit for just the two of them. Wooliment did it and their name is Infinite - H!
Infinte - H(stands for hip-hop), consists of Hoya and Dongwoo, the two great Infinite's rappers and as you probably have realized by now their main elements are hip-hop and rap. Their debut album 'Fly High' consists of five songs with 'Special Girl' being the title track. The album itself it's a masterpiece and it won't let you down since many famous artists and producers have paricipate in the making such as Primary, Dynamic Duo, Beenzino, Bumkey and Zion T. Talk about quality!
'Special Girl' is incredible! Awesome rhythm, beat and melody! Love it from the first seconds! Hoya and Dongwoo bring their own style to the song and the result is no other than listening to it the whole time. The chorus is perhaps the most addictive part of the song, especially the woo hoo special woo hoo special ~~! The feet movement they do at this part is cool and catchy!
As for the mv it has an interesting and funny plot. Hoya and Dongwoo are in love with a famous actress and they try to be close to her, each with a plan. Hoya paricipates in her movie but he kinda gets awkward when he has to hug her. I find it the most hilarious part of the mv. The director is giving him advices on how he should hug her..kekeke..and when he kicks the cleaner! Dongwoo on the other hand goes to her house to give her some flowers only to find out that there are also other guys doing the same thing. Although he pushed them away and reached her front door, he felt shy when the only thing he could give her were the flowers. So they left with one choice. They both dream how it would be if they were with her.
I really like the quick four seasons change near the end of the that's clever! Also the clothes were so good and match their style. Hoya in a suit and Dongwoo showing playfully his tongue were the highlights of the mv!
Infinite - H made their debut and show them how special they are to you by watching their mv!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Girls got their boys

여리뷴 (everyone) Happy New Year!!! 2013 started really great especially to SONEs! Our 9 girls made their long return with their 4th full album 'I Got A Boy'. Now isn't that a nice way to start the year?
I just love love love their new concept! We kinda get an idea of their new image at the last seconds of the  'Dancing Queen' mv and of course when they released the teaser jacket photos. All the girls look stunning but I think Seohyun was the best. Maybe I'm a little biased since she's my favorite member but she looks wonderful, doesn't she?

The album comes in 10 covers (1 with all of them together and with the members individually). It also consists of 10 songs with 'I Got A Boy' being the title track. My favorites are 'Talk Talk' and 'Baby Maybe'.
Girls' Generation tried a different type of song this time and they sure nailed it! I like both the song and the mv. 'I Got A Boy' gives the impression that it's not one song but more likely is five or six songs combined together. In that case it fits perfectly for the girls. The music and melody changes constantly, hip hop,r'n'b, pop. The interesting part it's that it doesn't get boring or annoying. It gets addicting and the parts are very well combined. 
There isn't much to say about the choreography since we know that our girls never disappoint us when it comes to dancing. The dance is incredible! The moves match with the beat and my favorite dance part is at the chorus : I got a boy 멋진... Really really nice! Their style is wow! Brightful colors, clothes with hip hop elements but with a girly touch suit them the best. Heoyeon's rainbow hair is the most eye-catching hairstyle and it looks awesome on her.

The mv is fun to watch. In the beginning we see the girls in a room preparing to go out and teasing each other when suddenly their boyfriend appears in the front door. I must say Taeyeon's face when the boy rang the bell is priceless!!As the mv continuous the nine ladies have some interaction with their boyfriend while they are out. Seohyun looked so cute when he tied her shoe and probably only Heoyeon could punch the guy in the face for being late. Girls power!
It seems the girls brought a new type of song this year, making their own sound. So allow me to introduce comes trouble!