Friday, September 28, 2012

She'z for UU

If you want to listen to a pop, catchy, cute song with an easy to follow choreography, She'z has done it for you. She'z made their return with their second single album 'Love Sick' and they will give you many reasons to love them. Their title track 'UU' makes you feel how pure love should be. The lyrics talks about how much in love the girl is with her boyfriend, the emotinos she feels and all the things she wanna do when she is with him. The mv shows the charisma and the aegyo of the girls, as the leader Taeyeon is about to go on a date with the guy she likes and the other members helping her to be even more beautiful. This song, as also 'My Way' and 'Night and Day', shows the power and class vocals the girls have as their known for their amazing singing skills. The choreography matches the song well making and even more adorable atmosphere. Check the mv and fell in love with She'z as well!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Get your Crayon!

The only thing that you have to do while watching this mv is not being serious! G-Dragon released his title track 'Crayon' from his 1st mini album 'One Of A Kind'. Though both 'That XX' and 'One Of A Kind' were awesome songs, achieved an all-kill in charts and over million views on YouTube, 'Crayon' is the super hit between them. The song combines electronica, rap and hip-hop elements which will make you move your head up and down singing along to the song. The mv shows why GD is different from the other artists. That means doing things that are not normal, not typical, not logical. All the craziness and creativity burst into this mv which will make you laugh, leave you surprise with your mouth wide open! His new trademark is the chunky “Royally Screwed” pendant necklace that he wears everywhere he goes. The mv has hit #10 on iTunes mv making him even more famous worlwide. So listen to the song and scream 'Why so serious?'

Friday, September 14, 2012

Girls' Generation is back and in love

Girls' Generation is back with their new Japanese single 'All My Love Is For You'. The song is different from their previous also japanese song 'Paparazzi'. Though 'Paparazzi' was an upbeat, pop song with a complex and creative choreography, 'All my love is for you' doesn't follow the same concept. This time the girls show their soft, gentle and calm side with this ballad using their expressions and vocals to describe their feelings towards the man they love. Although the song focuses more on their singing skills through the mv we can see the girls dancing along with the song. It seems like they are practicing in a studio while the leader wants to captivate this moment by drawing the members. As the mv reaches the end the girls smile and laugh towards the camera showing their bond and how free they feel with each other making it even better for their fans. The only sure thing is that you are gonna love this song!

Monday, September 3, 2012

G-Dragon's crazy comeback

The comeback of the year would be no other than the King of K-pop G- Dragon. After a long 3 years hiatus G-Dragon is back with his first mini album 'One Of A Kind'. The online release will be on September 15th while the album release will be on September 18th. As soon as YG Entertainment revealed the album tracklist on their official 'YG Life blog', it gained much attention. Firstly because GD has produced all the songs and because many various artists are participating such as Tablo and the new YG's girl group who is still anonymous. The title track of the album will be 'CRAYON' which is the shortened version of 'CRAZY ON' derived from the combination of ‘CRAZY + G-DRAGON’.
As written above G-Dragon made his comeback on August 24th with the song 'One Of A Kind' a hip hop, r'n'b song with a mv full of symbolism. On the first day the mv gathered 2 million views and a total 10 million views in one week. The lyrics of the song show how popular, talented and ambitious GD is and how he creates buzz around his name, make every other artist be afraid of him. In the same time though they show the sensitive side of him as he makes clear that he has been criticized a lot for his work and actions and that he needs the love and the support of his fans in order to continue to make music and be a great artist. At the end of the mv you can see Taeyang making a guest appearance doing what he is most known of : Dance!

But it wouldn't be the comeback of the year if G-Dragon didn't surprise his fans by releasing a 2nd mv one week later after from 'One Of A Kind' mv. 'That XX' is a balad song with a slow and gentle melody. The mv and the lyrics tell the story of an unfullfilled love as GD plays the role of a man who is in love with a girl but she loves someone who is unsuitable for her. In the mv G-Dragon is the 'bad guy' when he's covered with tattoos and the 'good guy' when he is not covered. Also in the mv the lead girl is Jennie Kim from the mysterious YG's girl group. 'That XX' filled the fans with curiosity because YG revealed a picture showing that the mv and the single are not suited for those under the age of 19. Despite this fact the single achieved a 'perfect all-kill' on music charts and has gathered 4 million views in 4 days. Well it seems that G-Dragon is truly One of a kind!