Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Welcome Back 2NE1

2NE1 is officially back! *screams* *standing ovation* ( I'm a hardcore Blackjack ). In 2012 2ne1 released only one single named I Love You so we didn't see our girls often, in 2013 it was a good year for 2ne1 since they released three singles : Falling In Love, Do You Love Me and Missing You. Also we were lucky to see Bom and Dara in a mini variety web show called Double Park. I say a mini show because it only had like 3 or 4 episodes. ( Seriously Papa YG? You get to create a show with Dara and Bom the two most loveable, dorky, cute, 4D personalitites, I don't know how else to describe them and you only aired 4 episodes? 왜요? ). Anyway at least we got to see them a lot more often than in 2012. But it looks like 2014 is gonna be the year of 2NE1! Let me explain why :
First 2ne1 announced their world tour  : D They are going to Asia countries first but I hope that they will be able to go everywhere to make all the Blackjacks of the world Happy ; )
Second they released their 2nd full length album and of course it's LEGEN- wait for it -DARY! Buy the album, listen to it and you will realize why 2ne1 are the Queens of K-pop.
So, to thank Blackjacks for waiting them for so long, they also released two music videos for their two title tracks : Come Back Home and Happy. Let's talk about that ( and not about love like Seungri ).


The mv totally suits 2ne1 and they once again proved that they are the only girl group that can handle this kind of music. The mv is very crative, artistic, futuristic and many more impressive adjectives. It has also a very intersting plot. We have two kind of worlds, the actual and the virtual. The virtual one is the one that gets our attention first when the mv starts, since it's been gently advertised in the big screen. Our girls are totally against it, since they are doing anything to destroy him. Bom and Minzy are making bombs and CL is of course their leader. Dara decided to join the group because her boyfriend had depression and decided to go into the virtual world in order to feel better. Since Dara was left alone, she joined the girl group in order to save her love one. That's why she pulled the plug because they were going to destroy the virtual world and she wanted to save him. Nothing more to say. Just watch the mv to enjoy both the song and the awesome mini movie.


A tottally different song from Come Back Home. It'a a very happy pop song although the lyrics are sad and they are describing a not so happy situation. It's a song about a break-up and despite being very angry about your ex, with probably not so happy thoughts about him and the last thing you would wish for him is to be happy, well, the girls are doing exactly that. Instead of crying they wish him to be happy. Maybe it's a new strategy about break-ups now? I don't know. The mv follows that mood because it's filled with vivid and bright colors, some lyrics of the song pop out on your screen in a cartoon way and the girls walk down the streets wearing except from awesome clothes, also big smiles on their faces. Once again they are the only ones who can rock those outfits. Of course Jeremy Scott appears in the mv. Best buddies with 2ne1 and especially CL, I would say it was a happy surprise!

PS : About their world tour, I only want to mention one thing. They perfectly chose the name of their tour to be All Or Nothing because when we talk about 2NE1 is always All Or Nothing!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Thanks to BESTie!

Thank you very very much ~~ Ooohh ~~ Kya! I haven't heard an awesome and cute song like that in a long time and...I really like it! BESTie a rookie girl group ( but I think for not long anymore ) made their comeback with a girly concept unlike the sexy trend that other girl groups adapt and they score BIG TIME! The song it's great, addictive and it will probably make you bow all the time around your house or say in every chance you get : Thank you very much : D 
I have to say that the song reminded me the old K-pop days. Not that I don't like the songs that get released in nowadays but this song has this innocent and charm vibe that the old K-pop songs had. So another ten points to BESTie for that ( and of course the producers Double Kick ). I hope their next comeback will include a mini or full lenght album!
The mv is really fun to watch and it teaches you a valuable lesson. Instead of stay all day long or for weeks in your house, wandering around and crying on the couch, floor, bed or anywhere you want when you break up with your boyfriend, gather your best friends and do the follow steps :
1. Break old your pictures with your boyfriend or draw silly faces on them. Both ways work.
2. Punch a cute toy bear to release your anger. It's a shame though to punch a little bear but punching your boyfriend isn't the best solution either so...a wall maybe?
3. Classic recipe : Girls' night out! Paint the town red or any other color you want because you are free, single and you can do whatever you want. No. Stalking your ex is not a good idea.
4. Instead of going to a club go to an amusemnt park. It's more fun and you can break eveything or play with not the usual way like BESTie does. For more fun ways watch the Music Video. And no one can force to you to pay for the damages because, well, you can say to them : I just broke up!
After you have followed all the steps you will feel and be like BESTie. I mean if the guy doesn't worth it then Thank You Very Much for leaving and if we meet across the street don't even notice me. Go BESTie!