Monday, March 3, 2014

Thanks to BESTie!

Thank you very very much ~~ Ooohh ~~ Kya! I haven't heard an awesome and cute song like that in a long time and...I really like it! BESTie a rookie girl group ( but I think for not long anymore ) made their comeback with a girly concept unlike the sexy trend that other girl groups adapt and they score BIG TIME! The song it's great, addictive and it will probably make you bow all the time around your house or say in every chance you get : Thank you very much : D 
I have to say that the song reminded me the old K-pop days. Not that I don't like the songs that get released in nowadays but this song has this innocent and charm vibe that the old K-pop songs had. So another ten points to BESTie for that ( and of course the producers Double Kick ). I hope their next comeback will include a mini or full lenght album!
The mv is really fun to watch and it teaches you a valuable lesson. Instead of stay all day long or for weeks in your house, wandering around and crying on the couch, floor, bed or anywhere you want when you break up with your boyfriend, gather your best friends and do the follow steps :
1. Break old your pictures with your boyfriend or draw silly faces on them. Both ways work.
2. Punch a cute toy bear to release your anger. It's a shame though to punch a little bear but punching your boyfriend isn't the best solution either so...a wall maybe?
3. Classic recipe : Girls' night out! Paint the town red or any other color you want because you are free, single and you can do whatever you want. No. Stalking your ex is not a good idea.
4. Instead of going to a club go to an amusemnt park. It's more fun and you can break eveything or play with not the usual way like BESTie does. For more fun ways watch the Music Video. And no one can force to you to pay for the damages because, well, you can say to them : I just broke up!
After you have followed all the steps you will feel and be like BESTie. I mean if the guy doesn't worth it then Thank You Very Much for leaving and if we meet across the street don't even notice me. Go BESTie!

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