Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello Venus : What are they up to?

Hello Venus came back with a -personal?- question : What are you doing today? The answer is simple : I'm gonna listen their new album, watch their new mv and support their comeback!
The girls' return as a six member group, since Yoonjoo had an injury, is very very good! Their new album What Are You Doing Today? which is also the title track consists of five tracks. Make sure to listen 'Same' and 'Romantic Love'. Definitely worth your attention.
Since blue is my favorite color let me say that I love their mv and their new style. Dressed in vivid colors with patterns, wearing helmets, bows and rollerskates they surely know how to be and act cute. When the song starts it made me think a college theme, the clapping and the beat seems like a girls' anthem but as it reaches the chorus, becomes more girly. The choreography indicates that. We see the girls moving their arms with cute expressions, laying down the floor, shaking their legs and waving their hands saying hello! Only the rap part which I think suits the song the best, is what makes the song a liitle more tough. The mv show the girls dancing in a frame and we can also see them singing individually, winking and acting, what else?, cute! The only action we get is when they try to speak or have some interaction with a man, via a cup-phone. So what are you gonna do Hello Cupids? Will you watch the mv or not?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do you need Kim Sunggyu?

It's seems Kim Sunngyu never sleeps or takes a rest! This time he's back with the release of his new mv 'I Need You'. We certainly aren't complaining though!
'I Need You' is a soft rock ballad song which you will fall in love with the minute you will listen to it. The mv doesn't have a storyline this time but it's not an issue since just Sunggyu and his voice are capable enough to capture your attention. The mv is in black and white and we see Kim Sunggyu walking down the stairs or passing through some people. (The woman that pushed him, should totally apologize). We also get to see him singing with - I'll say his 'band' because they perfrorm with him on stage- on different locations. I like that in the middle of the mv the black and white theme turns into colorful. A small detail that I liked! I must say Sunggyu knows exactly how to express the feelings that the song requires. Just by seeing and listening him, he can make you feel all the emotions he's been through. That's why I think he's a true and big artist. Also those close-ups! They really know what to do to make us watching the mv again and again!
So if you want your daily Kim Sunggyu dose all you have to do is watch his mv!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Zia : For A Year

The song 'For A Year', the album 'Anemone' and the mv, are propably once in a lifetime experiences. I mean where will you ever listen a beautiful heart-breaking song with B.A.P.'s Bang Yong Guk, B1A4's Baro and ZE:A's Siwan featuring in the mv? If your answer is in Zia's new mini album 'Anemone' you guessed right!
Although I don't know Zia or 'The Queen Of Ballad' as she's most known of, her voice is pure, magnificent and powerful. She can express every single emotion that each song requires. And all that by listening to her mini album.

'For A Year' is the title track of her album and I'm so happy that Bang Yong Guk, Baro and Siwan participate! Let me just say that the mv is a piece of art. You can tell by watching it that they have done a wonderful job with the acting and the story. I like that when the mv starts, the song doesn't immediately begin but you have the chance to see the actress' pain and feelings through her simple and meaningless actions : Walking slowly, leaning on the couch and open the window. So when the music begins we get to see her memories.
The three boys are actually one guy but they represent all the different stages their relationship went through. Siwan is the happy, carefree and caring guy she fell in love with in the beginning. As their relationship continues he becomes more distant and he shows that he doesn't care about her anymore (Baro) and as they reach the end Bang Yong Guk is being angry and violent showing their break up. Near the end we see the girl surrounding by candles and holding a small fire in her finger. Then she blows it off and everything is back as they way it was. The fire and the candles represent the hope that there was a small chance of them being together again but it fade away like the fire. That's why in the end Siwan is happy but slowly he becomes sad. Yong Guk, Baro and Siwan were exceptional in their roles portraying perfectly the right emotion each. Plus the plot the directing and Zia's voice made the song and the mv even more amazing!

Listen her mini album and you won't regret it. If you are a Block B's fan then 'Falling Teardrops' is the perferct gift as Kyung is featuring!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Gods of the East are back

Cassiopeias must be thrilled that their boys returned to the music scene with the release of their 6th repackage album 'Humanoids'. This album has 2 more tracks : 'Humanoids' and 'Here I Am'. Both songs are amazing so if you haven't listened them yet, well, do it now!
Tvxq decided to make a comeback with the song 'Humanoids'. I must say that it's better than 'Catch Me'. Don't get me wrong I really like 'Catch Me' - the dragon hand moves were phenomenon - but I fell in love with 'Humanoids' the minute I saw the mv. I find it to be more catchy, more upbeat, more my style.
First of all I like what they are wearing. Simple choice is always the best choice. Casual pants, colorful jackets and elegant coats make them look even handsome. If that's even possible. Second, since we are talking about Tvxq you know that they are not gonna disappoint you (ever) in one particular section : Performance. With Changmin vocals and Yunho crazy dancing skills the results can't be less than perfect. I like that they don't dance the whole time together. Having their own parts each, makes the dancing better and both of them can show their abilities. Favorite dance move is the 'hand clap - head turn' around 01:31. Just awesome! All you have to do now is see the mv and sing 'Cause we are humanoids!'