Thursday, November 22, 2012

The other Kim Sunggyu

Finally our Grandpa - Leader has made his debut solo!For us inspirits it's a dream come true. A whole solo album with just his voice. And luckily it's not a dream.
Kim Sunggyu released his first solo album 'Another Me' and immediately reached the #1 spot in Hanteo Chart and many other music charts. No wonder why since his album is solid. All six songs are mid-tempo ballads and the most certain thing is that they will capture your heart right away. '60 seconds' is the title track song and in the mv we get to see L (Myungsoo). Not that the song wasn't awesome itself, he had to choose L to participate in the mv. He sure knows what to do to make inspirits go wild!
I like that the whole mv has a storyline. L sees a girl and falls in love with her. Then the time stops for 60 seconds and he sees their fututre together but unfortunately in the end they break up. So he decides to leave his ring at the coffee. In the real time where they haven't met the girl sees the ring and wants to give it back to him but L as already knows the end he tells her to keep it. The girl then sees their story that's why she also cries. The timeline goes back in time for 60 seconds and they never meet each other. The scene where L offers his umbrella is the time that they would met if he wanted to be in the relationship. Heart-breaking right? The melody and Sunngyu's voice give a hopeless and sad vibe to the mv, knowing that the outcome will never change.

Before the release of his album, Kim Sunggyu released the song 'Shine' which is also in it. I believe the song was just a taste for his upcoming perfect album which clearly is. Another promo was 'Another Me' short mv. Seeing him playing the piano and being completely commitment to the song was epic. It was only though an intro and not a full song.

This album represents our leader perfectly. All the songs show his unique charisma to sing, highlighting the right parts and feelings. With this album Sunngyu doesn't show an another him. It shows the real him.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Take a walk with B1A4

November must be the most amazing month so far. And the reason why is simple : It's filled with amazing comebacks! So although there are also other idols that are worth mention for their return, in this aricle I'm gonna write about B1A4.
I wasn't really into B1A4 until they made their comeback with their 3rd mini album 'Tried To Walk' which is also the title track. I must say that the promotions worked out well because I was totally hooked up. Only the first teaser which was just a video of a meadow with no hints of the song neither the members, amazed me. The song is a masterpiece! The sad vibe that it has and the emotions that the members show, make this ballad even better than it already is. When I listen to it I get a feeling mixed with hope and unhapiness, a unique combination. The mv won't ruin your expectations as it has wonderful landscapes and vivid colors in one hand and on the other hand you are watching the same landscapes being destroyed as someone has taken the life or the more materialistic side of them. 


The only thing missing is the choreography right? Well luckily for us there are stages performances! The only think that might be better than the mv are the live stages. The choreography is awesome. I like that they are using a bench instead of dancing the whole time. They sit on it, moving and hitting their feet to the music's beat, step on it and dancing synchronized with the back up dancers. Banas support their group very well as you can hear them clearly screaming and singing along with the members in every performance.

I think this kind of music suits B1A4 the most. Their previous songs weren't bad but with this song they are more mature showing their full potentials and amazing vocals. It's propably gonna be a very successful ride for B1A4!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fiestar never stops

And why should they? Our six girls are back with their second single album 'We Don't Stop' and they are gonna make you follow their steps and jump up and down!
I like this song much more than their debut song 'Vista'. Although it was a very good song it didn't make me listen to it all day. But this song is on a different level. As you listen to it, you get the feeling that it's divided in four different parts, all perfectly combined together. The beginning has the usual catchy pop sound that most of the songs have and it's followed by the amazing harmony-peaceful music, which except for leaving you with your mouth open, it also calms you down. The chorus is what is supposed to be and by that I mean that it's the most up lifting and enjoyable part of the song which you probably gonna listen over and over again. Last but not least, Yezi's rap is the perfect way to end the song because it makes it more powerful.
The choreography is awesome! I like that they use their whole body to dance and personally the part near the end when one by one starts to dance it's wonderful! In the mv, only in the beginning we get to see some plot but as the music starts we see the girls dancing in different backgrounds with unique clothes. Listen their new song but remember not to press the stop button!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

You will definitely love them!

NS Yoon-G sure knows how to make an astonished comeback! Her new single 'If You Love Me' is a duo song as also Jay-Park participates. The song has a hip hop vibe with piano sound that makes it hard to forget. In the mv we don't get to see neither NS Yoon-G nor Jay-Park but that's not bad since it's telling a love story. We see a couple and some moments of them being together but unfortunately they have reached the end and they break up. As the mv comes to an end we see the girl, hanging a drawing of her last boyfriend in a wall with her previous boyfriends. I think it shows that she can't forget them or that they all had something and they are important to her. Or maybe she's just keeping a score.

So although we can't see them in the mv, their live performances are awesome! The choreography is amazing and tempting and their chemistry on stage makes you stare them with a silly smile. What steals the show though is the ending. Jay-Park shows his goofy side as in every performance he does some funny expressions which make NS Yoon-G laughing. See their performance and check it out yourself!