Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day By Day learn MyName

Although in October many groups or soloists have made their comebacks and with much more to come, I decided to write about MyName because everytime they return to the music scene they never dissappoint their fans who go by the name MyGirl. In every comeback they show great music, dance and vocal skills and they do it again by releasing their 3rd single album.
This time around the boys decided to show a more mature side and forget the pain they caused to their fans with their previous song 'Baby I'm Sorry'. ( I know I'm off topic now but who didn't cry by watching the mv? ). Anyway I must say that they own this style too because they have the talent and the vocals to try different music genres. The title song 'Day By Day' is a mid tempo ballad and in their single album all the songs follow this pattern too. So if you are in a-listening-only-ballads-mood well their album is what you are looking for. At that point I have to say that Lee Hyun Do also participated in the title track by doing an exceptional rap at the beginning of the song.
The mv goes along with the song. I ike that the mv was filmed in a studio because the boys do their best in it. I mean the members with their actions and expressions show their pain and although they appear in the same set together, they not really are. They don't interract with each other because every member is there in different time and we can only see some interaction between the member and themselves, like JunQ when he is in a rap batlle with himself or in the case of InSoo. In the mv we also see some reverse scenes mostly during SeYong's cuts. It wouldn't be alright if I didn't write about their clothing which is incredible. The boys look extremely handsome wearing suits and sweaters, shirts, ties in grey tones, getting the whole grow and mature vibe. They don't only sound mature, they also look mature.

The thing that it might captures you the most is their fantastic choreography. Let me say here that all of MyName's previously songs ( Message, Hello and Goodbye, Just That Little Thing ) have amazing choreographies, able to show each song points and the members great dancing skills. The mv shows some parts of the choreography but it's even better if you see it in a music show. In that case you will be able to see that InSoo and JunQ have their own individual parts - InSoo showcasing his moves and JunQ his rap - but also the clear and amazing movements that fit the song perfectly. I find the end, where they are on their knees, the perfect ending. 
Check both the mv and the music show and support MyName Day By Day ( or everyday ).

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Did you miss Tiny - G?

Tiny-G the four cute, small but noticeable girls are back with a totally different style that we were used to see them before. This time for their new single 'Miss You' they decided to become more mature and sexy and to forget their previous cute style. But from the image you see above perhaps you don't picture this in your head when you think sexy, right? So I say you have to check the mv first!
In the mv the girls manage to look sexy without overdoing it. I mean they are still too young to be over sexy so this style is the best for them. Besides they have the time and the chances to show different styles in the future so what's the hurry? Anyway in the mv we don't see any storyline but rather beautiful sets, close up scenes of the girls and the choreography of the song. The outcome is really great since they wore beautiful outfits that fit the song and the sets. When the girls wear black shirt-dresses with high socks the scenery becomes a modern black studio and when they decide to play with colors, prints and patterns the studio fits this profile too. It's a win win situation. In the song the girls say out loud that they like a guy who ignores them no matter what they say or do but instead of being mad about it they say that they miss him and that will make him feel the same way too. Talk about girls' power here! The choreography and the song are very catchy and ear pleaseant. The chorus is very addicting and propably you will catch yourself doing the 'mini fists' and the 'I wanna kiss you' moves too. Don't be shy about it and just embrace it with the other movements you have.
So hurry up and check the mv!