Saturday, October 5, 2013

Did you miss Tiny - G?

Tiny-G the four cute, small but noticeable girls are back with a totally different style that we were used to see them before. This time for their new single 'Miss You' they decided to become more mature and sexy and to forget their previous cute style. But from the image you see above perhaps you don't picture this in your head when you think sexy, right? So I say you have to check the mv first!
In the mv the girls manage to look sexy without overdoing it. I mean they are still too young to be over sexy so this style is the best for them. Besides they have the time and the chances to show different styles in the future so what's the hurry? Anyway in the mv we don't see any storyline but rather beautiful sets, close up scenes of the girls and the choreography of the song. The outcome is really great since they wore beautiful outfits that fit the song and the sets. When the girls wear black shirt-dresses with high socks the scenery becomes a modern black studio and when they decide to play with colors, prints and patterns the studio fits this profile too. It's a win win situation. In the song the girls say out loud that they like a guy who ignores them no matter what they say or do but instead of being mad about it they say that they miss him and that will make him feel the same way too. Talk about girls' power here! The choreography and the song are very catchy and ear pleaseant. The chorus is very addicting and propably you will catch yourself doing the 'mini fists' and the 'I wanna kiss you' moves too. Don't be shy about it and just embrace it with the other movements you have.
So hurry up and check the mv!

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