Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Block B is our light

Despite all the bad and unfortunate things that Block B went through last year, making BBCs think that the group will disband, Block B didn't forget their fandom, how talented they are or how they deserve to be in the K-pop scene and surprised BBC with exciting news. They are coming back even stronger signed in a different label 7 Seasons which is under their previous label Stardom Entertainment.
Block B is making a comeback on October 2nd with the release of their mini album but because they didn't want to make BBCs wait any longer they released a pre-released track called 'Be The Light' which was produced and written by Zico. Seriously this kid is on another level. Different from their characteristic hip-hop sound the song is a mid-tempo ballad in which we can still see and listen clearly Block B's own color and vibe. Block B stated that although they are known as a hip-hop boy group, they want to experience, try and produce other types of music as well such as house, jazz and electronic. Judging their new song I say 'It's about time'! Furthermore with trying new genres of music we'll might have the chance to see Block B revealing some other skills or talents that we didn't know or heard of. I mean 'Be The Light' shows Block B's amazing vocals as well despite their awesome rap skills.
The mv, according to BBCs, shows how much Block B loves BBC and how much they care and concern about them. We see U-kwon beaten up by some guys who represent the society and how much pain they have been through in all those years but they are able to stand up because they have the support of their fandom ( in the mv the girl represents BBC ) and because the members are always there for each other, being one big family. I really like the the scenes, the camera angles and the mv as a whole. There are some great scenes but my favorite is when Block B walks on the roof of the building. Simple scene, great meaning : When we are together, we are on top. Also P.O. is so handsome with his new haircut. Stick with it P.O. Last but not least the mv ends with a member ( maybe U-kwon? ) getting into a van holding a clown mask. This might be a preview for their next song but it has already picked fans curiosity.
One thing is certain now : The new and improved Block B is back and they are not going anywhere!

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