Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kara as damaged ladies ( not )

Kara made sure that their comeback would make many Kamilias to question themselves and keep wondering what kind of concept the girls will follow. In the first jacket photos we saw Kara with a boyish concept, dressed up in suits so we thought 'Oh, they are going to show a tough side'. Later in another jacket release Kara were dressed as Queens so we were like 'Forget the boyish style, the Queens are back'. Last but not least the title track named 'Damaged Lady' pointed us in another direction thinking 'Mmm maybe they will show a heart broken side'. So which of these concepts is the right one? The answer is a mix of the above.
With the release of their 4th Album 'Full Bloom' Kara made a return with the title track 'Damaged Lady'. Although the title might makes us think that the girls would be 'damaged' by some boys, the song and the mv tell a different story. In the mv the girls are sitting in a nice restaurant, dressed up in chic dresses having a date with their boyfriends. But as it looks like their date isn't as good as they thought because their boys have their eyes on other women as well and not pay much attention to Kara. The girls wearing these dresses and being in a fancy restaurant they had to follow certain rules like being quiet and posh so they couldn't show their real thoughts and discomfort. So if they wanted to run away from this situation they only had to make a small but smart move : Change their style and appearance. So the girls throwed away their chic dresses and wore suits which gave them the opportunity to go back, be themselves and make fun of their ex boyfriends by shaking them, putting their foot down ( in this case on the table ), feeding them in a violent way muffins and doing more bad stuffs that they couldn't do before. In the end since they managed to do all these stuffs they had to celebrate and by that we mean setting the alarm on, making everyone wet including Kara but as it looks like they were the only ones to enjoy it. In the mv we get some screen shots of Kara sitting on a throne dreessed up as Queens making a statement that reads : Nothing bring us down. True Queens.
Kara showed that they can pull the boyish style really good. They look good in men suits, dancing fiercely and rocking those hairstyles ( the 'mushroom hairstyle? ). I don't know how to call it but Hara and JiYoung looked good.
The album contains nine songs including the pre-released 'Runaway' in which we see some scenes from their upcoming Korean drama 'Secret love'.
Kamilias don't 'Runaway' and support Kara for their return by pressing the paly button.

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