Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunmi - 24 Hours

Wonderfuls must a have a reason to be happy although summer it's almost over. As Wonder Girls are doing their individual promotions this time around since Sun got married, a former Wonder Girl member made her appearance to the K-pop scene. And we talk about Sunmi. Sunmi didn't unite with Wonder Girls to make her return but she cameback as a solo idol after a 3 years and 7 months hiatus focusing on herself. For her return JYP made her a precious gift. He produced her title track '24 Hours' which is a dance song with tango elements in between.
The song talks about a girl who is deeply in love and thus '24 Hours' seems a little time when she's with her boyfriend. The mv stars with a clock being set and Sunmi interracting with her boyfriend which means hugging him tightly and moving in circles, lying on the bed and crowling on a table. The main attraction of the mv is clearly the choreography. Sunmi did a great job doing all these difficult moves with elegance such as the shoulder movement and also moving her arms in a geometrical way during the chorus. But the highlight must definitely be the tango. When she dances with her white bodysuit she acts like an innocent girl depending on her partner, even standing on him and then her bodysuit turns black and she transforms into a fierce woman dancing along with her partner. Later on as the clock strikes 4, the time goes back forward so that she will be able to gain some time and live these moments again with her boyfriend. I like that the dance is similar with the plot. At the beginning when she's sitting on the bed she transferrs to the dance studio with the same posture and later when she's lying on the bed with her boyfriend and she has her leg on his back, we see the exact same move as a part of the dance. I find it nice and clever. The song has this catchy vibe and as a result you will press the replay button constantly.
Wonderfuls now that Sunmi is back spent some time with her showing her your Wonder Girls' affection.

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