Monday, August 5, 2013

The Great VIXX

I start to believe that Vixx is an unexpected, unpredictable and full of wonderful surprises group. Those thoughts came to my mind when I saw their new mv 'G.R.8.U.' and also while listening their new repackaged album 'Jekyl'.
Lately Vixx had a more dark and mysterious concept and I thought that their follow up song will continue this side of them. Well I was wrong. Vixx returned with a romantic but fun concept at the same time making all the Starlights even happier with their return. Although this isn't a new concept for Vixx ( remember 'Superhero' and 'Rock Your Body' ) I find 'G.R.8.U' to be more mature than those previous songs. Don't get me wrong 'Superhero' and 'Rock Your Body' were both fun to watch and listen, filled with cute and funky choreography. 'G.R.8.U.' on the other side has this up-lifting and romantic vibe that makes your heart flutter from the seconds you press the play button. Great comeback if you ask me.
So, if 'Hyde' was their dark side then with 'Jekyl' Vixx shows their happier side which you can clearly see in their mv. The greatest thing about the mv is the rewind technique they used to film it. With that in mind we see how Vixx messed up a whole room. The boys managed to turn a room, upside - down in a just few seconds, and that makes me think that if you ever feel down you now know to which boy group you can reffer to if you wanna feel better. And I mean it. You can do anything you want as Vixx does. Choose from playing football, basketball, tennis or darts, riding a bicycle, throwing roses and toilet papers, jumping from a piano, doing cartwheels, destroying books or even smashing a television with a baseball bat. Seriously those are some of the things you can do in that room so it's all for your own good. Apart from the funny side, the boys are very good looking with their summer and white outfits. N's red hait looks very bright in this mv as the other boys as well. There isn't much to say about the dance because Vixx is really good at it. The 'knee' and the 'slide while pointing' movements highlights the choreography. Plus their repackaged album 'Jekyl' includes the it-makes-you-wanna-dance 'What to do' song, which Ken wrote it.
Starlights show how great Vixx is to you by pressing the play button.


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