Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello Venus : What are they up to?

Hello Venus came back with a -personal?- question : What are you doing today? The answer is simple : I'm gonna listen their new album, watch their new mv and support their comeback!
The girls' return as a six member group, since Yoonjoo had an injury, is very very good! Their new album What Are You Doing Today? which is also the title track consists of five tracks. Make sure to listen 'Same' and 'Romantic Love'. Definitely worth your attention.
Since blue is my favorite color let me say that I love their mv and their new style. Dressed in vivid colors with patterns, wearing helmets, bows and rollerskates they surely know how to be and act cute. When the song starts it made me think a college theme, the clapping and the beat seems like a girls' anthem but as it reaches the chorus, becomes more girly. The choreography indicates that. We see the girls moving their arms with cute expressions, laying down the floor, shaking their legs and waving their hands saying hello! Only the rap part which I think suits the song the best, is what makes the song a liitle more tough. The mv show the girls dancing in a frame and we can also see them singing individually, winking and acting, what else?, cute! The only action we get is when they try to speak or have some interaction with a man, via a cup-phone. So what are you gonna do Hello Cupids? Will you watch the mv or not?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do you need Kim Sunggyu?

It's seems Kim Sunngyu never sleeps or takes a rest! This time he's back with the release of his new mv 'I Need You'. We certainly aren't complaining though!
'I Need You' is a soft rock ballad song which you will fall in love with the minute you will listen to it. The mv doesn't have a storyline this time but it's not an issue since just Sunggyu and his voice are capable enough to capture your attention. The mv is in black and white and we see Kim Sunggyu walking down the stairs or passing through some people. (The woman that pushed him, should totally apologize). We also get to see him singing with - I'll say his 'band' because they perfrorm with him on stage- on different locations. I like that in the middle of the mv the black and white theme turns into colorful. A small detail that I liked! I must say Sunggyu knows exactly how to express the feelings that the song requires. Just by seeing and listening him, he can make you feel all the emotions he's been through. That's why I think he's a true and big artist. Also those close-ups! They really know what to do to make us watching the mv again and again!
So if you want your daily Kim Sunggyu dose all you have to do is watch his mv!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Zia : For A Year

The song 'For A Year', the album 'Anemone' and the mv, are propably once in a lifetime experiences. I mean where will you ever listen a beautiful heart-breaking song with B.A.P.'s Bang Yong Guk, B1A4's Baro and ZE:A's Siwan featuring in the mv? If your answer is in Zia's new mini album 'Anemone' you guessed right!
Although I don't know Zia or 'The Queen Of Ballad' as she's most known of, her voice is pure, magnificent and powerful. She can express every single emotion that each song requires. And all that by listening to her mini album.

'For A Year' is the title track of her album and I'm so happy that Bang Yong Guk, Baro and Siwan participate! Let me just say that the mv is a piece of art. You can tell by watching it that they have done a wonderful job with the acting and the story. I like that when the mv starts, the song doesn't immediately begin but you have the chance to see the actress' pain and feelings through her simple and meaningless actions : Walking slowly, leaning on the couch and open the window. So when the music begins we get to see her memories.
The three boys are actually one guy but they represent all the different stages their relationship went through. Siwan is the happy, carefree and caring guy she fell in love with in the beginning. As their relationship continues he becomes more distant and he shows that he doesn't care about her anymore (Baro) and as they reach the end Bang Yong Guk is being angry and violent showing their break up. Near the end we see the girl surrounding by candles and holding a small fire in her finger. Then she blows it off and everything is back as they way it was. The fire and the candles represent the hope that there was a small chance of them being together again but it fade away like the fire. That's why in the end Siwan is happy but slowly he becomes sad. Yong Guk, Baro and Siwan were exceptional in their roles portraying perfectly the right emotion each. Plus the plot the directing and Zia's voice made the song and the mv even more amazing!

Listen her mini album and you won't regret it. If you are a Block B's fan then 'Falling Teardrops' is the perferct gift as Kyung is featuring!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Gods of the East are back

Cassiopeias must be thrilled that their boys returned to the music scene with the release of their 6th repackage album 'Humanoids'. This album has 2 more tracks : 'Humanoids' and 'Here I Am'. Both songs are amazing so if you haven't listened them yet, well, do it now!
Tvxq decided to make a comeback with the song 'Humanoids'. I must say that it's better than 'Catch Me'. Don't get me wrong I really like 'Catch Me' - the dragon hand moves were phenomenon - but I fell in love with 'Humanoids' the minute I saw the mv. I find it to be more catchy, more upbeat, more my style.
First of all I like what they are wearing. Simple choice is always the best choice. Casual pants, colorful jackets and elegant coats make them look even handsome. If that's even possible. Second, since we are talking about Tvxq you know that they are not gonna disappoint you (ever) in one particular section : Performance. With Changmin vocals and Yunho crazy dancing skills the results can't be less than perfect. I like that they don't dance the whole time together. Having their own parts each, makes the dancing better and both of them can show their abilities. Favorite dance move is the 'hand clap - head turn' around 01:31. Just awesome! All you have to do now is see the mv and sing 'Cause we are humanoids!'

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The other Kim Sunggyu

Finally our Grandpa - Leader has made his debut solo!For us inspirits it's a dream come true. A whole solo album with just his voice. And luckily it's not a dream.
Kim Sunggyu released his first solo album 'Another Me' and immediately reached the #1 spot in Hanteo Chart and many other music charts. No wonder why since his album is solid. All six songs are mid-tempo ballads and the most certain thing is that they will capture your heart right away. '60 seconds' is the title track song and in the mv we get to see L (Myungsoo). Not that the song wasn't awesome itself, he had to choose L to participate in the mv. He sure knows what to do to make inspirits go wild!
I like that the whole mv has a storyline. L sees a girl and falls in love with her. Then the time stops for 60 seconds and he sees their fututre together but unfortunately in the end they break up. So he decides to leave his ring at the coffee. In the real time where they haven't met the girl sees the ring and wants to give it back to him but L as already knows the end he tells her to keep it. The girl then sees their story that's why she also cries. The timeline goes back in time for 60 seconds and they never meet each other. The scene where L offers his umbrella is the time that they would met if he wanted to be in the relationship. Heart-breaking right? The melody and Sunngyu's voice give a hopeless and sad vibe to the mv, knowing that the outcome will never change.

Before the release of his album, Kim Sunggyu released the song 'Shine' which is also in it. I believe the song was just a taste for his upcoming perfect album which clearly is. Another promo was 'Another Me' short mv. Seeing him playing the piano and being completely commitment to the song was epic. It was only though an intro and not a full song.

This album represents our leader perfectly. All the songs show his unique charisma to sing, highlighting the right parts and feelings. With this album Sunngyu doesn't show an another him. It shows the real him.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Take a walk with B1A4

November must be the most amazing month so far. And the reason why is simple : It's filled with amazing comebacks! So although there are also other idols that are worth mention for their return, in this aricle I'm gonna write about B1A4.
I wasn't really into B1A4 until they made their comeback with their 3rd mini album 'Tried To Walk' which is also the title track. I must say that the promotions worked out well because I was totally hooked up. Only the first teaser which was just a video of a meadow with no hints of the song neither the members, amazed me. The song is a masterpiece! The sad vibe that it has and the emotions that the members show, make this ballad even better than it already is. When I listen to it I get a feeling mixed with hope and unhapiness, a unique combination. The mv won't ruin your expectations as it has wonderful landscapes and vivid colors in one hand and on the other hand you are watching the same landscapes being destroyed as someone has taken the life or the more materialistic side of them. 


The only thing missing is the choreography right? Well luckily for us there are stages performances! The only think that might be better than the mv are the live stages. The choreography is awesome. I like that they are using a bench instead of dancing the whole time. They sit on it, moving and hitting their feet to the music's beat, step on it and dancing synchronized with the back up dancers. Banas support their group very well as you can hear them clearly screaming and singing along with the members in every performance.

I think this kind of music suits B1A4 the most. Their previous songs weren't bad but with this song they are more mature showing their full potentials and amazing vocals. It's propably gonna be a very successful ride for B1A4!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fiestar never stops

And why should they? Our six girls are back with their second single album 'We Don't Stop' and they are gonna make you follow their steps and jump up and down!
I like this song much more than their debut song 'Vista'. Although it was a very good song it didn't make me listen to it all day. But this song is on a different level. As you listen to it, you get the feeling that it's divided in four different parts, all perfectly combined together. The beginning has the usual catchy pop sound that most of the songs have and it's followed by the amazing harmony-peaceful music, which except for leaving you with your mouth open, it also calms you down. The chorus is what is supposed to be and by that I mean that it's the most up lifting and enjoyable part of the song which you probably gonna listen over and over again. Last but not least, Yezi's rap is the perfect way to end the song because it makes it more powerful.
The choreography is awesome! I like that they use their whole body to dance and personally the part near the end when one by one starts to dance it's wonderful! In the mv, only in the beginning we get to see some plot but as the music starts we see the girls dancing in different backgrounds with unique clothes. Listen their new song but remember not to press the stop button!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

You will definitely love them!

NS Yoon-G sure knows how to make an astonished comeback! Her new single 'If You Love Me' is a duo song as also Jay-Park participates. The song has a hip hop vibe with piano sound that makes it hard to forget. In the mv we don't get to see neither NS Yoon-G nor Jay-Park but that's not bad since it's telling a love story. We see a couple and some moments of them being together but unfortunately they have reached the end and they break up. As the mv comes to an end we see the girl, hanging a drawing of her last boyfriend in a wall with her previous boyfriends. I think it shows that she can't forget them or that they all had something and they are important to her. Or maybe she's just keeping a score.

So although we can't see them in the mv, their live performances are awesome! The choreography is amazing and tempting and their chemistry on stage makes you stare them with a silly smile. What steals the show though is the ending. Jay-Park shows his goofy side as in every performance he does some funny expressions which make NS Yoon-G laughing. See their performance and check it out yourself!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Don't Stop B.A.P.

Babies the wait is finally over!Not so long after their 'Crash' performances ended, B.A.P. made their return with their 3rd single album 'Stop It' which is also the title track. Although the photo jackets and the mv teaser made us believe that will be back with a more masculine side like 'Warrior' era, 'Stop It' moves in the same beat and image as 'Crash' did. Which is not bad since our six boys know how to be cute and show their sexy side as well.
I like that the mv has a storyline. Bang Yong Guk plays the role of a guy who falls in love with a girl but after a car accident he dies. He starts following the girl who can't see him (or can she?) and since he hasn't have a chance to be with her, he makes sure that neither his other members will have. It's nice to see the members acting and interacting with each other. It gives us the chance to see a different side of them.
Also with this album and mv they are back to blonde!They started as a six blonde warrior guys who wanted to be known for their vocals and their hard work. Now that they have accomplished their goal, they came back as a six blonde cute guys who didn't forget their roots. Say image, differnet type of song. They are B.A.P. and they know how to make us craving for more!

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Blockbuster comeback

The truth is that I don't really know Block B. The only song I know is NalinA, an upbeat dance song, which I like a lot. I think though that I will learn more about this group since they made their comeback with their first full length album 'Blockbuster'.
Block B made their return with the song 'Nillili Mambo'. Let me just say that the song is spectacular. It got me hooked up instantly and as it goes on it only gets better and better. The song has a hip hop beat combined with cool orchestra sounds which make it so addictive. I love the pirate vibe that both the mv and song have. In the mv you can see the pirate theme all over the place through the scenery, the costumes, the style and the members' attitude. The storyline is creative and hilarious as the boys play a hide and seek game, since they have stolen something and are trying not to get caught. Although there isn't a choreography in the mv, the hands and body movement that they do near the end is exactly what would match the whole theme. But they save the best part for the end. When the music stops the mv continues where you can see the members opening the last briefcase but unforunately they see that it's empty. Then the leader takes the gun and threatens the members who are frightened and scream like little girls. The perfect way to end it.

One other thing that you have to do besides watching their mv is to listen their new album. Seriously all the songs are amazing and shows the hard work that Block B did to give their fans a decent album and comeback. So listen to 'Mental Breaker', 'Movie's Over', 'Romantically', 'No Joke' and prepare for this month because as BBC calls it it's gonna be a Blocktober!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toxic duo

TnC Entertainment introduced their new Indie group Toxic with the debut song 'Lonely'. I admit that I fell in love with them as soon as I saw the 32 seconds teaser and my love turned to obsession when I saw the full mv.
Clearly different from the other bands that debuted, as they have a more rock and electronica sound, Toxic immediately gain your attention. The two members Kim Seul Ong (drums) and Kim Jung Woo (guitar) shows how good they are creating unique sounds combined with their strong vocals. The mv is simple seeing them in black and white rooms with the addition of little details. Personally I like the painting on the Jung Woo's guitar. The song is a blast. It starts with a low melody, which gives you the opportunity to listen their awesome voices, and as it goes on the beat is getting stronger as the drums appear. The climax of the mv and the song though is probably their solo where you can see both of them giving their best in their department each. Also the power of their song is able to destroy everything gets in the way.

Their debut mini album 'First Bridge' consists of six tracks, 'Get out', 'Lonely', 'Sick Of It', 'No More', 'Get Out' (remix) and 'Lonely' (instr.) where you can listen more of these talented boys. They also release 'No More' to the audience as a mini preview of the song 'Get Out' to get a little more taste. Listening to 'No More' you will understand that this duo came to stay and they are not going anywhere. Lucky us!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lunafly has fallen from the sky

This year's rookie boy groups make their debut following two different but usual patterns. Either they will introduced as a hardcore, hip hop with tough choreography group or as a cute, aegyo boys with bright smiles and even brighter songs. Although both versions have their ups and downs, not all of the rookie groups will caught the attention of the public. Lunafly came to change that.
Lunafly is an acoustic all male trio and consists of the members : Sam (leader), Teo and Yun. They released their debut album 'Super Hero' on iTunes worldwide on September 6th. They made their debut though with their title track 'How Nice It Would Be' a ballad song and they received much attention since then. Even the song managed to be 1st on Cyworld. 
As a gift for their fans they even uploaded a practice video on their YouTube page, singing in English the song 'You Got That Something That I Need'. But that's not the end. Afterwards they released 'Super Hero' mv which is an English version of their song 'How Nice It Would Be'.

This is why I like Lunafly the most. They don't afraid to release both English and Korean versions of their songs. The most important factor is that their English songs are not direct translation of their Korean songs, but they write new lyrics from scratch with a different meaning. They managed to stand out from the other rookie groups because they don't need upbeat songs, stunning looks or a difficult choreography to leave a good impression. They have amazing vocals and superior instrumental skills that makes you wanna hear their songs again and again. Just by using their guitar skills, their wonderful voices with a sincere expression of their feelings they capture your heart and soul. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

She'z for UU

If you want to listen to a pop, catchy, cute song with an easy to follow choreography, She'z has done it for you. She'z made their return with their second single album 'Love Sick' and they will give you many reasons to love them. Their title track 'UU' makes you feel how pure love should be. The lyrics talks about how much in love the girl is with her boyfriend, the emotinos she feels and all the things she wanna do when she is with him. The mv shows the charisma and the aegyo of the girls, as the leader Taeyeon is about to go on a date with the guy she likes and the other members helping her to be even more beautiful. This song, as also 'My Way' and 'Night and Day', shows the power and class vocals the girls have as their known for their amazing singing skills. The choreography matches the song well making and even more adorable atmosphere. Check the mv and fell in love with She'z as well!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Get your Crayon!

The only thing that you have to do while watching this mv is not being serious! G-Dragon released his title track 'Crayon' from his 1st mini album 'One Of A Kind'. Though both 'That XX' and 'One Of A Kind' were awesome songs, achieved an all-kill in charts and over million views on YouTube, 'Crayon' is the super hit between them. The song combines electronica, rap and hip-hop elements which will make you move your head up and down singing along to the song. The mv shows why GD is different from the other artists. That means doing things that are not normal, not typical, not logical. All the craziness and creativity burst into this mv which will make you laugh, leave you surprise with your mouth wide open! His new trademark is the chunky “Royally Screwed” pendant necklace that he wears everywhere he goes. The mv has hit #10 on iTunes mv making him even more famous worlwide. So listen to the song and scream 'Why so serious?'

Friday, September 14, 2012

Girls' Generation is back and in love

Girls' Generation is back with their new Japanese single 'All My Love Is For You'. The song is different from their previous also japanese song 'Paparazzi'. Though 'Paparazzi' was an upbeat, pop song with a complex and creative choreography, 'All my love is for you' doesn't follow the same concept. This time the girls show their soft, gentle and calm side with this ballad using their expressions and vocals to describe their feelings towards the man they love. Although the song focuses more on their singing skills through the mv we can see the girls dancing along with the song. It seems like they are practicing in a studio while the leader wants to captivate this moment by drawing the members. As the mv reaches the end the girls smile and laugh towards the camera showing their bond and how free they feel with each other making it even better for their fans. The only sure thing is that you are gonna love this song!

Monday, September 3, 2012

G-Dragon's crazy comeback

The comeback of the year would be no other than the King of K-pop G- Dragon. After a long 3 years hiatus G-Dragon is back with his first mini album 'One Of A Kind'. The online release will be on September 15th while the album release will be on September 18th. As soon as YG Entertainment revealed the album tracklist on their official 'YG Life blog', it gained much attention. Firstly because GD has produced all the songs and because many various artists are participating such as Tablo and the new YG's girl group who is still anonymous. The title track of the album will be 'CRAYON' which is the shortened version of 'CRAZY ON' derived from the combination of ‘CRAZY + G-DRAGON’.
As written above G-Dragon made his comeback on August 24th with the song 'One Of A Kind' a hip hop, r'n'b song with a mv full of symbolism. On the first day the mv gathered 2 million views and a total 10 million views in one week. The lyrics of the song show how popular, talented and ambitious GD is and how he creates buzz around his name, make every other artist be afraid of him. In the same time though they show the sensitive side of him as he makes clear that he has been criticized a lot for his work and actions and that he needs the love and the support of his fans in order to continue to make music and be a great artist. At the end of the mv you can see Taeyang making a guest appearance doing what he is most known of : Dance!

But it wouldn't be the comeback of the year if G-Dragon didn't surprise his fans by releasing a 2nd mv one week later after from 'One Of A Kind' mv. 'That XX' is a balad song with a slow and gentle melody. The mv and the lyrics tell the story of an unfullfilled love as GD plays the role of a man who is in love with a girl but she loves someone who is unsuitable for her. In the mv G-Dragon is the 'bad guy' when he's covered with tattoos and the 'good guy' when he is not covered. Also in the mv the lead girl is Jennie Kim from the mysterious YG's girl group. 'That XX' filled the fans with curiosity because YG revealed a picture showing that the mv and the single are not suited for those under the age of 19. Despite this fact the single achieved a 'perfect all-kill' on music charts and has gathered 4 million views in 4 days. Well it seems that G-Dragon is truly One of a kind!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The good side of EvoL

Only this rookie girl group shows you that evil has a dark, underground, hardcore side that is not bad to join. Stardom Entertainment itroduced their new girl group EvoL with their debut track 'We Are A Bit Different'. Consists of 5 members, Say (leader), Hayana, Jucy, Yull and J-Da (maknae), EvoL aka Effective Voice of Ladies came to make the difference among the other girl groups since they don't appear as cute and lovely girls but as dynamic and fierce group. Their 1st mini album 'Let Me Explode' contains 5 songs. In the teasers you can listen both 'Magnet and 'Let Me Explode' songs. The girls participated in writing the lyrics and producing their album as also the choreography of their songs. Their debut song 'We Are A Bit Different' is a dance pop song with a very addictive sound. In the mv the girls display their bad attitude doing anything they want, causing damages in everywhere they go, making their own statement. Final decision : EvoL is beg to differ!

As a small gift you can check the practice video of their song 'Magnet'!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Girls with Skarf

Girl group Skarf made their debut with their title track 'Oh Dance!' and immediately gained much attention. The forth member group consists of two Korean ( Sol - Jenny ) and two Singaporean girls ( Ferlyn - Tasha ). Their name shows that mix and bond using scarf as its base. The letter S stands for Singapore and the c was switched out with the K for Korea. The mv is like a fairytale since everything, from the vivid colors, the scenery, the girls that look like fairies, even the choreography, takes you to another world. The song has a simple yet adorable melody and you can see the girls' charisma through the dance moves. Check the mv and let the magic begin!

Bonus!Photo of the members. It's easy to tell them apart!

Tasha (leader), Jenny (maknae), Ferlyn and Sol

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

CNBLUE is unlimited!

CNBLUE is making their comeback with their new Japanese album 'Code Name CNBLUE'. The album will be released on August 29th and it consists of 13 songs. 9 of the songs are written and composed by Yonghwa, singer and leader of CNBLUE. Their title track 'Time Is Over' is a rock song which shows the powerful vocals of the band. This song makes you realize how much CNBLUE has grown up, taking their songs, stage performance and presence to another level. Through the mv you can see the members making their own music, having a good time as also some past moments of each one. Everything screams amazing development that's why CNBLUE doesn't need a code name...They are just awesome!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A(ce) O(f) A(ngels)

FNC's new girl group has finally arrived!The Ace Of Angels is the new member in the FNC family along with other hit artists as FT Island, CNBLUE and Juniel. They consist of eight girls : Seolhyun, Jimin, Mina, Hyejeong, Choa, Yuna, Chanmi and Youkyoung. Each one of them has a role in the group. Youkyoung (known as Y) is half angel and key keeper and it means that we can only see her in the band group and not in the dance group. So although they are eight, only the seven girls are dancing.
Their album 'Angels' Story' consists of four songs. Their debut song 'Elvis' is a catchy track with a wonderful choreography. The mv shows their arrival on Earth and how they try to fit in. The song 'Love is only you' is co-written and composed by Jung Yonghwa the singer of CNBLUE.
Ace Of Angels are different among the other girl groups as they don't appear only as a dance girl group but as a band group as well. So welcome to earth Angels!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Infinite : They are back!

As the title says Infinite are back with their new Japanese song 'She's Back'! The single managed to take first and second in ranking on Tower Records' pre sales! No wonder why. Apart from how unbelievable talented Infinite is they put their heart and soul in every song that's why they make it successful. Also if you are looking a song to describe this summer, look no further. The song, the video, the rhythm, the beat and the friendship of this group shows how summer should be! As you're watching the video there's no way that you can not smile and feel the happiness that fills the video. The perfect track of this summer...Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beautiful Dance Night


 B2ST knows well how to treat their fans! Except for releasing their amazing new mv 'Beautiful Night' filming in New York, they now releases a dance practice video of their song! In the video you can see the boys having a good time while dancing synchronized to the beat. The freestyle dance matches perfectly with the song as also the improvisation of the boys! I'm sure you are gonna laugh and like B2ST even more watching the clip.

And if this is not enough for you check their new mv!

Monday, July 23, 2012

We are the B.A.P.

When I first heard about B.A.P. I thought they were an already successful group and they were making their comeback with the song 'Power'. So when I realized that they were a rookie group I was out of the blue since everything - from the songs and the stage performances -  are unbelievable perfect for a rookie boy group. With their first song 'Warrior' you can tell that they are different from the most male groups as they act and sound more like bad boys. 'Secret Love' is their second song and it gives you the chance to listen their wonderful vocals.
The song that made me like them even more was definitely 'Power' because it is truly a very powerful song with a dynamic choreography and lyrics that gets you in the mood. Their second song 'No Mercy' (my favorite) is a hip hop underground song. The part that I like the most is the chorus because of their manly dance move! This group will go big in the K-pop industry as already stands out from the others boy groups and they know exactly what to do to make the fans go wild!
B.A.P. consists of members Yongguk (leader), Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo (maknae).
Their official fan club name is called Babys. All you have to do now is to check their MV 'No Mercy' below and decide whether you are gonna be a Baby or not!