Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello Venus : What are they up to?

Hello Venus came back with a -personal?- question : What are you doing today? The answer is simple : I'm gonna listen their new album, watch their new mv and support their comeback!
The girls' return as a six member group, since Yoonjoo had an injury, is very very good! Their new album What Are You Doing Today? which is also the title track consists of five tracks. Make sure to listen 'Same' and 'Romantic Love'. Definitely worth your attention.
Since blue is my favorite color let me say that I love their mv and their new style. Dressed in vivid colors with patterns, wearing helmets, bows and rollerskates they surely know how to be and act cute. When the song starts it made me think a college theme, the clapping and the beat seems like a girls' anthem but as it reaches the chorus, becomes more girly. The choreography indicates that. We see the girls moving their arms with cute expressions, laying down the floor, shaking their legs and waving their hands saying hello! Only the rap part which I think suits the song the best, is what makes the song a liitle more tough. The mv show the girls dancing in a frame and we can also see them singing individually, winking and acting, what else?, cute! The only action we get is when they try to speak or have some interaction with a man, via a cup-phone. So what are you gonna do Hello Cupids? Will you watch the mv or not?

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