Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do you need Kim Sunggyu?

It's seems Kim Sunngyu never sleeps or takes a rest! This time he's back with the release of his new mv 'I Need You'. We certainly aren't complaining though!
'I Need You' is a soft rock ballad song which you will fall in love with the minute you will listen to it. The mv doesn't have a storyline this time but it's not an issue since just Sunggyu and his voice are capable enough to capture your attention. The mv is in black and white and we see Kim Sunggyu walking down the stairs or passing through some people. (The woman that pushed him, should totally apologize). We also get to see him singing with - I'll say his 'band' because they perfrorm with him on stage- on different locations. I like that in the middle of the mv the black and white theme turns into colorful. A small detail that I liked! I must say Sunggyu knows exactly how to express the feelings that the song requires. Just by seeing and listening him, he can make you feel all the emotions he's been through. That's why I think he's a true and big artist. Also those close-ups! They really know what to do to make us watching the mv again and again!
So if you want your daily Kim Sunggyu dose all you have to do is watch his mv!

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