Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Gods of the East are back

Cassiopeias must be thrilled that their boys returned to the music scene with the release of their 6th repackage album 'Humanoids'. This album has 2 more tracks : 'Humanoids' and 'Here I Am'. Both songs are amazing so if you haven't listened them yet, well, do it now!
Tvxq decided to make a comeback with the song 'Humanoids'. I must say that it's better than 'Catch Me'. Don't get me wrong I really like 'Catch Me' - the dragon hand moves were phenomenon - but I fell in love with 'Humanoids' the minute I saw the mv. I find it to be more catchy, more upbeat, more my style.
First of all I like what they are wearing. Simple choice is always the best choice. Casual pants, colorful jackets and elegant coats make them look even handsome. If that's even possible. Second, since we are talking about Tvxq you know that they are not gonna disappoint you (ever) in one particular section : Performance. With Changmin vocals and Yunho crazy dancing skills the results can't be less than perfect. I like that they don't dance the whole time together. Having their own parts each, makes the dancing better and both of them can show their abilities. Favorite dance move is the 'hand clap - head turn' around 01:31. Just awesome! All you have to do now is see the mv and sing 'Cause we are humanoids!'


  1. OMG your article is just phenomenon!You write like an allkpop editor : )I like Humanoids more than Catch me <3

  2. Thank you so much!Humanoids it's just so awesome!