Thursday, November 22, 2012

The other Kim Sunggyu

Finally our Grandpa - Leader has made his debut solo!For us inspirits it's a dream come true. A whole solo album with just his voice. And luckily it's not a dream.
Kim Sunggyu released his first solo album 'Another Me' and immediately reached the #1 spot in Hanteo Chart and many other music charts. No wonder why since his album is solid. All six songs are mid-tempo ballads and the most certain thing is that they will capture your heart right away. '60 seconds' is the title track song and in the mv we get to see L (Myungsoo). Not that the song wasn't awesome itself, he had to choose L to participate in the mv. He sure knows what to do to make inspirits go wild!
I like that the whole mv has a storyline. L sees a girl and falls in love with her. Then the time stops for 60 seconds and he sees their fututre together but unfortunately in the end they break up. So he decides to leave his ring at the coffee. In the real time where they haven't met the girl sees the ring and wants to give it back to him but L as already knows the end he tells her to keep it. The girl then sees their story that's why she also cries. The timeline goes back in time for 60 seconds and they never meet each other. The scene where L offers his umbrella is the time that they would met if he wanted to be in the relationship. Heart-breaking right? The melody and Sunngyu's voice give a hopeless and sad vibe to the mv, knowing that the outcome will never change.

Before the release of his album, Kim Sunggyu released the song 'Shine' which is also in it. I believe the song was just a taste for his upcoming perfect album which clearly is. Another promo was 'Another Me' short mv. Seeing him playing the piano and being completely commitment to the song was epic. It was only though an intro and not a full song.

This album represents our leader perfectly. All the songs show his unique charisma to sing, highlighting the right parts and feelings. With this album Sunngyu doesn't show an another him. It shows the real him.

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