Saturday, November 3, 2012

You will definitely love them!

NS Yoon-G sure knows how to make an astonished comeback! Her new single 'If You Love Me' is a duo song as also Jay-Park participates. The song has a hip hop vibe with piano sound that makes it hard to forget. In the mv we don't get to see neither NS Yoon-G nor Jay-Park but that's not bad since it's telling a love story. We see a couple and some moments of them being together but unfortunately they have reached the end and they break up. As the mv comes to an end we see the girl, hanging a drawing of her last boyfriend in a wall with her previous boyfriends. I think it shows that she can't forget them or that they all had something and they are important to her. Or maybe she's just keeping a score.

So although we can't see them in the mv, their live performances are awesome! The choreography is amazing and tempting and their chemistry on stage makes you stare them with a silly smile. What steals the show though is the ending. Jay-Park shows his goofy side as in every performance he does some funny expressions which make NS Yoon-G laughing. See their performance and check it out yourself!


  1. Awesome article as always!Very cheerful!This song is so addictive.NS Yoon-G has amazing songs
    P.S;Your blog is awesome <3

  2. Thank you so much <3 Yeah this song is amazing : D