Friday, November 16, 2012

Take a walk with B1A4

November must be the most amazing month so far. And the reason why is simple : It's filled with amazing comebacks! So although there are also other idols that are worth mention for their return, in this aricle I'm gonna write about B1A4.
I wasn't really into B1A4 until they made their comeback with their 3rd mini album 'Tried To Walk' which is also the title track. I must say that the promotions worked out well because I was totally hooked up. Only the first teaser which was just a video of a meadow with no hints of the song neither the members, amazed me. The song is a masterpiece! The sad vibe that it has and the emotions that the members show, make this ballad even better than it already is. When I listen to it I get a feeling mixed with hope and unhapiness, a unique combination. The mv won't ruin your expectations as it has wonderful landscapes and vivid colors in one hand and on the other hand you are watching the same landscapes being destroyed as someone has taken the life or the more materialistic side of them. 


The only thing missing is the choreography right? Well luckily for us there are stages performances! The only think that might be better than the mv are the live stages. The choreography is awesome. I like that they are using a bench instead of dancing the whole time. They sit on it, moving and hitting their feet to the music's beat, step on it and dancing synchronized with the back up dancers. Banas support their group very well as you can hear them clearly screaming and singing along with the members in every performance.

I think this kind of music suits B1A4 the most. Their previous songs weren't bad but with this song they are more mature showing their full potentials and amazing vocals. It's propably gonna be a very successful ride for B1A4!

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