Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Got 7 minutes to know them?

When you think about JYP the first thing that comes to your mind is 2pm, MissA, 2am, Wonder Girls and perhaps their new artists Baek Ah Yeon, 15& and Sunmi ( former Wonder Girls' member ). Another thing that also comes to your mind is the famous 'half air - half sound' phrase and of course the 'JYP'~ whisper.
Back to being serious now, JYP had debuted in 2012 a very promising duo boy group called JJ Project. JJ Project made a fuzz around their name probably because of their hit debut song Bounce. But that was it. Apart from their debut song they didn't release any other single, mini album or digital single. Many fans were curious about what was going to happen because in 2013 there weren't any JJ Project promotions. There were many speculations that JJ Project was just that - a project - to see if they will do well or not. And because they did very good, the two JJ Project's members, JB and Jr., are now in a new JYP boy group who goes by the name Got7.
I must say that Got7 is probably one of the most anticipating rookie groups of 2014. ( Another boy group is YG's Winner but I'm gonna write about them when they will make their official debut ). Got7 are being introduced as an acrobatic - hip hop boy group and I couldn't agree more. All you have to do is to see any performances they did on any Music Show you want and you will agree too. 
Their debut song is perfect. I think I wasn't the only one that shook her head up and down when the music video started. Seriously now those skater - scooter - I - don't - know - how - to - call - them are brilliant. Who wouldn't like to wonder around the city like this? The plot of the mv is simple. 7 regular high school boys have a secret : They are Idols after school and thus when their handphones rang, well, they have to go their busy schedule really quick. But instaed of going to practice ( maybe ? ) they go in another secret place located in an mysterious store. At this point we have to send a thank you card to the girl that followed them because one of the boys - Idols, dropped accidentally his bracelet. But besides that I don't think that the girl wouldn't follow them if she hadn't found that bracelet. They are handsome so that's a good reason too. 
Anyway back to the mv, the girl enters the secret place where she finds the boys just playing around and talking. Suddenly the music starts and we get to see an amazing choreography. The boys are really talented. I don't know what JYP told or gave them but those moves are Fantastic Baby! ( the YG references are not intentional ). I think the curl-your-fingers and the point-your-shoulder moves will be really polular. Also that slow motion cartwheel followed by two high jumps *-* No comment. I applaud you. I also like that when they dance, the camera splits into two and you get to see some other action besides the dance. A nice twist JYP. You totally GOT me. See what I just did there ? : P
To sum up, both the song and the mv are great and Got7 has potential to be the next big boy group. No wonder they have already made 10 advertisement deals.
P.S. I recommend the fan club's name to be : Lucky7. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

TVXQ and Rain kick off 2014

Happy New Year Everyone! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! I hope everyone will have a great year in 2014 and what's the best way to spend this year rather than listening to K-pop and watching your favorite K-Dramas and movies? : D Well talking and writing most about K-pop here, it seems that 2014 has started really good bacause two big names made their return! I'm talking about TVXQ and Rain of course!

Rain has been really busy after been released from the army but I don't think he has any problem with that. First off he left J.Tune Camp and joined Cube Entertainment, he appears on Mnet's variety show Rain Effect and, yes, you guessed right he made his comeback with the release of his new album which is also named  Rain Effect. About his music comeback Rain decided to release two video clips rather that just one because hmm well two are always better than one right? Both songs have a different feeling. LA Song is a back to the classic-90's hip hop song with great instrumental and a addicted chorus lalalalalala~~~ 
30Sexy is a modern pop song which propably make you move your body like Rain does. I don't know if he made the choreography but I really like it. It seems like something that only Rain can make it work. It has this whole groovy smoothy you know feeling ( 느김 아니까! ). If I have to pick one I will definitely choose 30Sexy. The only thing you have to do is watch both music videos and decide which one is your favorite. Maybe both! But I'm gonna post here my favorite.


Now who wasn't excited about their return? Ever since their teaser jacket photos and video promos they had Cassioppeias jumping up and down, playing with our emotions until their comeback and now they are finally here! *clap clap * 
Different from their previous hit songs Catch Me and Humanoids, Something has a jazz vibe all over it but that isn't SOMETHING that TVXQ can't handle ( see what I did there? ). The mv is just playing awesome and the boys are full with charisma as they sing and dance with so much confidence. Seriously is there anything that they can't do? They can try all music themes and genders and still be great! About the mv is also different with lots of girls around the boys, band members and dancers and an outstanding set. Lights, set, wardrobe, song and the choreography are amazing. My favorite part is the beginning when they use the strings to play the bass (?) - sorry I don't know - totally smart move! And also how about the dance solo that Yunho and Changmin have in the middle of the song? Genius! Althoug I haven't still listen to their album, I know it's gonna be phenomenon! And the reason why it's simple : It's TVXQ 10th Anniversary! 축하합니다! and I'm pretty sure that their album will be the best present this year!

Well that's it for now. Stick around as many other K-pop Idols will make their return or their debut!