Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunmi - 24 Hours

Wonderfuls must a have a reason to be happy although summer it's almost over. As Wonder Girls are doing their individual promotions this time around since Sun got married, a former Wonder Girl member made her appearance to the K-pop scene. And we talk about Sunmi. Sunmi didn't unite with Wonder Girls to make her return but she cameback as a solo idol after a 3 years and 7 months hiatus focusing on herself. For her return JYP made her a precious gift. He produced her title track '24 Hours' which is a dance song with tango elements in between.
The song talks about a girl who is deeply in love and thus '24 Hours' seems a little time when she's with her boyfriend. The mv stars with a clock being set and Sunmi interracting with her boyfriend which means hugging him tightly and moving in circles, lying on the bed and crowling on a table. The main attraction of the mv is clearly the choreography. Sunmi did a great job doing all these difficult moves with elegance such as the shoulder movement and also moving her arms in a geometrical way during the chorus. But the highlight must definitely be the tango. When she dances with her white bodysuit she acts like an innocent girl depending on her partner, even standing on him and then her bodysuit turns black and she transforms into a fierce woman dancing along with her partner. Later on as the clock strikes 4, the time goes back forward so that she will be able to gain some time and live these moments again with her boyfriend. I like that the dance is similar with the plot. At the beginning when she's sitting on the bed she transferrs to the dance studio with the same posture and later when she's lying on the bed with her boyfriend and she has her leg on his back, we see the exact same move as a part of the dance. I find it nice and clever. The song has this catchy vibe and as a result you will press the replay button constantly.
Wonderfuls now that Sunmi is back spent some time with her showing her your Wonder Girls' affection.

Friday, August 9, 2013

B.A.P is the Last Bad Men Standing

TS Entertainment warned us that with the release of the 3rd title track 'BadMan', B.A.P will show a face that only B.A.P can do and represent perfectly. Watching and listening their new song 'BadMan' I couldn't agree more.
'BadMan' is B.A.P's 3rd mini album which contains their previous songs 'Coffee Shop' and 'Hurricane' and new songs as well. Choosing 'BadMan' as their promotional track, B.A.P wants to make a statement saying that cities are dirty and corrupted and that only care about the superficial things without paying attention to what really matters. But those mindsets are going to change because B.A.P is not afraid to do whatever it takes to change those rules and actions. That concept is clearly seen in the mv as we see B.A.P being against the 'law' and being rebellious by provoking the authorities. In the end B.A.P is the only last men standing, stating that they kept their promise : They will be the change and everyone should be afraid of them because they messed with the wrong people ( or group ). In the mv we also see that no one is paying attention to other - minor? - things such as the lovely couple or speaking general the 'daily life' or the even more significant thing the man who got shot and died in the alley. Everyone is so busy with what's going on that these small things don't get the proper attention.
'BadMan' is a song that combines hip hop music as a new genre called 'Trap'. I guess that while B.A.P were on their world tour they had been influenced by different types of music and thus we can see their new and improved side of them in their 3rd mini album. Plus the song is written by Bang Yong Guk so that makes it more special. All the songs have a different feeling so that you can choose your favorite song according to your style.
Note : I don't know who chose Daehyun to sing the first lines in the song but whoever made that decision is genius! Daehyun impresses us even more with his new manly-dark voice.
Babyz check the mv and sing along with B.A.P : I'm a BadMan.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Great VIXX

I start to believe that Vixx is an unexpected, unpredictable and full of wonderful surprises group. Those thoughts came to my mind when I saw their new mv 'G.R.8.U.' and also while listening their new repackaged album 'Jekyl'.
Lately Vixx had a more dark and mysterious concept and I thought that their follow up song will continue this side of them. Well I was wrong. Vixx returned with a romantic but fun concept at the same time making all the Starlights even happier with their return. Although this isn't a new concept for Vixx ( remember 'Superhero' and 'Rock Your Body' ) I find 'G.R.8.U' to be more mature than those previous songs. Don't get me wrong 'Superhero' and 'Rock Your Body' were both fun to watch and listen, filled with cute and funky choreography. 'G.R.8.U.' on the other side has this up-lifting and romantic vibe that makes your heart flutter from the seconds you press the play button. Great comeback if you ask me.
So, if 'Hyde' was their dark side then with 'Jekyl' Vixx shows their happier side which you can clearly see in their mv. The greatest thing about the mv is the rewind technique they used to film it. With that in mind we see how Vixx messed up a whole room. The boys managed to turn a room, upside - down in a just few seconds, and that makes me think that if you ever feel down you now know to which boy group you can reffer to if you wanna feel better. And I mean it. You can do anything you want as Vixx does. Choose from playing football, basketball, tennis or darts, riding a bicycle, throwing roses and toilet papers, jumping from a piano, doing cartwheels, destroying books or even smashing a television with a baseball bat. Seriously those are some of the things you can do in that room so it's all for your own good. Apart from the funny side, the boys are very good looking with their summer and white outfits. N's red hait looks very bright in this mv as the other boys as well. There isn't much to say about the dance because Vixx is really good at it. The 'knee' and the 'slide while pointing' movements highlights the choreography. Plus their repackaged album 'Jekyl' includes the it-makes-you-wanna-dance 'What to do' song, which Ken wrote it.
Starlights show how great Vixx is to you by pressing the play button.


Friday, August 2, 2013

The Wild and Young Kang Seung Yoon

If with this song Kang Seung Yoon wanted to persuade us that he is a young, rebellion, wild and living - the - moment boy, I guess after listening to it, he succeed it.
The new YG member who makes the YG Family even bigger, made he debut with the release of the digital single 'It Rains' which was spotted on top on many music charts. Now he's returning with a new title track called 'Wild And Young' which describes him perfectly, don't you think? 'Wild And Young' is written, composed and produced by the one and only Teddy ( seriously he should change his name to musical genius or something ) telling the story of a guy falling in love with a girl and just leaving the moment together without worrying about what's next. The song is a strong rock song, different from the currently K-pop scene and it has what it takes to be the most played song in the summer.
The mv continuous this 'Wild And Young' feeling. Kang Seung Yoon gathers his friends and they make a road trip filled with young moments such as swimming and doing crazy things in the pool, chasing bubbles, doing skateboard competition, sitting, singing or dancing around the beach fire, making graffiti and then destroying it, sleeping on the couch ( doing all this is exhausting ) and generally doing things that will leave strong memories. I like that the mv doesn't exaggerating, desplaying the perfect roadtrip but instead they show things that most of us have done or eventually will do. 
Kang Seung Yoon proves that he is also incredible even when he sings alone with the band or in the meadow. He has so much confidence and the little moves or expressions that he makes confirm his great stage presence. He only needs his guitar to captivate you from the first seconds. Oh, and that killing smile as well.
But the fun doesn't stop here and we will listen more from him as Yang Hyun Suk stated on YG Life that Kang Seung Yoon will release two more singles on August and September ( it is said that one of the songs is written by G-Dragon ) making the summer even better for his fans!
Kang Seung Yoon has proved that he's 'Wild And Young'. How about you?