Saturday, October 27, 2012

Don't Stop B.A.P.

Babies the wait is finally over!Not so long after their 'Crash' performances ended, B.A.P. made their return with their 3rd single album 'Stop It' which is also the title track. Although the photo jackets and the mv teaser made us believe that will be back with a more masculine side like 'Warrior' era, 'Stop It' moves in the same beat and image as 'Crash' did. Which is not bad since our six boys know how to be cute and show their sexy side as well.
I like that the mv has a storyline. Bang Yong Guk plays the role of a guy who falls in love with a girl but after a car accident he dies. He starts following the girl who can't see him (or can she?) and since he hasn't have a chance to be with her, he makes sure that neither his other members will have. It's nice to see the members acting and interacting with each other. It gives us the chance to see a different side of them.
Also with this album and mv they are back to blonde!They started as a six blonde warrior guys who wanted to be known for their vocals and their hard work. Now that they have accomplished their goal, they came back as a six blonde cute guys who didn't forget their roots. Say image, differnet type of song. They are B.A.P. and they know how to make us craving for more!

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