Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lunafly has fallen from the sky

This year's rookie boy groups make their debut following two different but usual patterns. Either they will introduced as a hardcore, hip hop with tough choreography group or as a cute, aegyo boys with bright smiles and even brighter songs. Although both versions have their ups and downs, not all of the rookie groups will caught the attention of the public. Lunafly came to change that.
Lunafly is an acoustic all male trio and consists of the members : Sam (leader), Teo and Yun. They released their debut album 'Super Hero' on iTunes worldwide on September 6th. They made their debut though with their title track 'How Nice It Would Be' a ballad song and they received much attention since then. Even the song managed to be 1st on Cyworld. 
As a gift for their fans they even uploaded a practice video on their YouTube page, singing in English the song 'You Got That Something That I Need'. But that's not the end. Afterwards they released 'Super Hero' mv which is an English version of their song 'How Nice It Would Be'.

This is why I like Lunafly the most. They don't afraid to release both English and Korean versions of their songs. The most important factor is that their English songs are not direct translation of their Korean songs, but they write new lyrics from scratch with a different meaning. They managed to stand out from the other rookie groups because they don't need upbeat songs, stunning looks or a difficult choreography to leave a good impression. They have amazing vocals and superior instrumental skills that makes you wanna hear their songs again and again. Just by using their guitar skills, their wonderful voices with a sincere expression of their feelings they capture your heart and soul. 

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  1. Nice article!Lunafly is indeed a very nice band.I can't wait to hear more from them! <3