Friday, September 28, 2012

She'z for UU

If you want to listen to a pop, catchy, cute song with an easy to follow choreography, She'z has done it for you. She'z made their return with their second single album 'Love Sick' and they will give you many reasons to love them. Their title track 'UU' makes you feel how pure love should be. The lyrics talks about how much in love the girl is with her boyfriend, the emotinos she feels and all the things she wanna do when she is with him. The mv shows the charisma and the aegyo of the girls, as the leader Taeyeon is about to go on a date with the guy she likes and the other members helping her to be even more beautiful. This song, as also 'My Way' and 'Night and Day', shows the power and class vocals the girls have as their known for their amazing singing skills. The choreography matches the song well making and even more adorable atmosphere. Check the mv and fell in love with She'z as well!

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