Friday, September 14, 2012

Girls' Generation is back and in love

Girls' Generation is back with their new Japanese single 'All My Love Is For You'. The song is different from their previous also japanese song 'Paparazzi'. Though 'Paparazzi' was an upbeat, pop song with a complex and creative choreography, 'All my love is for you' doesn't follow the same concept. This time the girls show their soft, gentle and calm side with this ballad using their expressions and vocals to describe their feelings towards the man they love. Although the song focuses more on their singing skills through the mv we can see the girls dancing along with the song. It seems like they are practicing in a studio while the leader wants to captivate this moment by drawing the members. As the mv reaches the end the girls smile and laugh towards the camera showing their bond and how free they feel with each other making it even better for their fans. The only sure thing is that you are gonna love this song!

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  1. Girl's generation is one of my favorite k-pop groups!!Amazing song : D