Friday, September 21, 2012

Get your Crayon!

The only thing that you have to do while watching this mv is not being serious! G-Dragon released his title track 'Crayon' from his 1st mini album 'One Of A Kind'. Though both 'That XX' and 'One Of A Kind' were awesome songs, achieved an all-kill in charts and over million views on YouTube, 'Crayon' is the super hit between them. The song combines electronica, rap and hip-hop elements which will make you move your head up and down singing along to the song. The mv shows why GD is different from the other artists. That means doing things that are not normal, not typical, not logical. All the craziness and creativity burst into this mv which will make you laugh, leave you surprise with your mouth wide open! His new trademark is the chunky “Royally Screwed” pendant necklace that he wears everywhere he goes. The mv has hit #10 on iTunes mv making him even more famous worlwide. So listen to the song and scream 'Why so serious?'

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