Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toxic duo

TnC Entertainment introduced their new Indie group Toxic with the debut song 'Lonely'. I admit that I fell in love with them as soon as I saw the 32 seconds teaser and my love turned to obsession when I saw the full mv.
Clearly different from the other bands that debuted, as they have a more rock and electronica sound, Toxic immediately gain your attention. The two members Kim Seul Ong (drums) and Kim Jung Woo (guitar) shows how good they are creating unique sounds combined with their strong vocals. The mv is simple seeing them in black and white rooms with the addition of little details. Personally I like the painting on the Jung Woo's guitar. The song is a blast. It starts with a low melody, which gives you the opportunity to listen their awesome voices, and as it goes on the beat is getting stronger as the drums appear. The climax of the mv and the song though is probably their solo where you can see both of them giving their best in their department each. Also the power of their song is able to destroy everything gets in the way.

Their debut mini album 'First Bridge' consists of six tracks, 'Get out', 'Lonely', 'Sick Of It', 'No More', 'Get Out' (remix) and 'Lonely' (instr.) where you can listen more of these talented boys. They also release 'No More' to the audience as a mini preview of the song 'Get Out' to get a little more taste. Listening to 'No More' you will understand that this duo came to stay and they are not going anywhere. Lucky us!


  1. you're right!! That voices are amazing and THE way of playing their instruments...are unique..

    1. I agree!I hope we will have the chance to see more from them : )