Friday, October 19, 2012

A Blockbuster comeback

The truth is that I don't really know Block B. The only song I know is NalinA, an upbeat dance song, which I like a lot. I think though that I will learn more about this group since they made their comeback with their first full length album 'Blockbuster'.
Block B made their return with the song 'Nillili Mambo'. Let me just say that the song is spectacular. It got me hooked up instantly and as it goes on it only gets better and better. The song has a hip hop beat combined with cool orchestra sounds which make it so addictive. I love the pirate vibe that both the mv and song have. In the mv you can see the pirate theme all over the place through the scenery, the costumes, the style and the members' attitude. The storyline is creative and hilarious as the boys play a hide and seek game, since they have stolen something and are trying not to get caught. Although there isn't a choreography in the mv, the hands and body movement that they do near the end is exactly what would match the whole theme. But they save the best part for the end. When the music stops the mv continues where you can see the members opening the last briefcase but unforunately they see that it's empty. Then the leader takes the gun and threatens the members who are frightened and scream like little girls. The perfect way to end it.

One other thing that you have to do besides watching their mv is to listen their new album. Seriously all the songs are amazing and shows the hard work that Block B did to give their fans a decent album and comeback. So listen to 'Mental Breaker', 'Movie's Over', 'Romantically', 'No Joke' and prepare for this month because as BBC calls it it's gonna be a Blocktober!


  1. Dae to the bak little sis!I agree with you.The end is hilarious haha : D

  2. Watching it again and again and : P

  3. Nice post. ツ Me too, I wasn't really that familiar with Block B until their controversy. But this song Nillili Mambo got me. The first time I watched it in Music Bank was DAEBAK~!! I love how powerful the song is. Great choice for a comeback. So I'm going to start listening to their album now!

    PS: I'm really liking P.O.'s voice! kekeke! =D

  4. I read your article about Block B too!!I agree with you : D Nillili Mambo it's just so awesome!From their album I like Mental Breaker and Movie's Over : ) Yeah P.O.'s voice is daebak..It reminds me of T.O.P. : D