Friday, August 24, 2012

The good side of EvoL

Only this rookie girl group shows you that evil has a dark, underground, hardcore side that is not bad to join. Stardom Entertainment itroduced their new girl group EvoL with their debut track 'We Are A Bit Different'. Consists of 5 members, Say (leader), Hayana, Jucy, Yull and J-Da (maknae), EvoL aka Effective Voice of Ladies came to make the difference among the other girl groups since they don't appear as cute and lovely girls but as dynamic and fierce group. Their 1st mini album 'Let Me Explode' contains 5 songs. In the teasers you can listen both 'Magnet and 'Let Me Explode' songs. The girls participated in writing the lyrics and producing their album as also the choreography of their songs. Their debut song 'We Are A Bit Different' is a dance pop song with a very addictive sound. In the mv the girls display their bad attitude doing anything they want, causing damages in everywhere they go, making their own statement. Final decision : EvoL is beg to differ!

As a small gift you can check the practice video of their song 'Magnet'!

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