Saturday, January 19, 2013

It sounds like B.A.P.

Although it seems like they never left, B.A.P made their comeback with their new pre-released track 'Rain Sound'. Ahead of the release of their new album - this February - B.A.P didn't want to leave their Babyz waiting so they gave us a taste (?) on what to expect when they will return on music stages.
The teaser for 'Rain Sound' made me believe that it will be like their 'Warrior' era but I couldn't be more wrong. It doesn't sound neither like 'Warrior' nor 'Crash' songs but maybe something in between. 'Rain Sound' is a hip hop ballad and it tells the story about a man who can't forget his past love with the sound of the rain reminds him her voice. The first seconds are enough to fell in love with this song. Youngjae's simple 'o..ouoh..o..ouoh~~' and YongGuk's rap are the perfect baits to make you keep listening the song until the end. Not that Daehyun's vocals, Himchan and Jongup's parts can't have the same outcome. Now about Zelo's part. I find it amazing!Seriously the way he's acting, the more serious and soft voice he has at the beginning of his part and his unique style of rapping later, it's just incredible!
The mv features the color green. At first I thought they use it because it's B.A.P 's official color but apparently it stands for healing. That's why Zelo and Youngjae are so sad and angry each, because it hasn't have this result. Zelo's flower is still dry and Youngjae can bring his 'girlfriend' back.
I think that although B.AP. hasn't rest a bit and their making one comeback after another, their songs are decent and wonderful. They have tried so many different styles so far and they have managed to make them fit their own type. True artists!

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