Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boa - Disturbance

Jumping BoAs must be really happy about their Queen! Not only Boa made her 1st concert in Seoul on the 26th but she also released her new song 'Disturbance' that day as a gift to her fans that attended her concert. 2 days later, on the 28th, SM entertainment revealed the song and the music video to the public via YouTube.
Her new song is different from both 'Only One' and 'The Shadow' simply because this time we have the chance to listen Boa's amazing vocals. This mid - tempo ballad song suits her perfectly. I like that she doesn't dance but she focusses on her voice. We all know that she is a killing dancing machine so I think it's nice to also see another side of her. Not that she has to prove anything though.
The mv is a highlight by itself. We get to see a plot between Boa and Taemin! Our lovely SHINee's maknae is featuring in the mv, as Boa's boyfriend, and we can all see that he has grown up! He's a real man now and he lets to see that through the mv. Also Boa's brother has directed it that's why it's different from SM's music videos.
Now about the mv it starts with Taemin sitting in a living room, putting a ring on his finger and set the hourglass on. I think this is the 'key' to the mv because the end of it lies upon it. After that he plans to leave the house but he decides not to. In the mv we see Boa and Teamin happy and sad moments. I like that we can see some interaction among SM Town's members! As the mv reaches the end we get to my favorite part : You can determine its ending! You can choose between 'Let time go by' or 'Go back to the past'. Whichever caption you choose, you go back to the hourglass scene and you can see what will happen from now on. I'm not going to tell you since I don't want to spoil it.
See the mv and be the masters of its fate!

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