Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nod Along with M.I.B.

I became familiar with M.I.B. when I saw their 'Only Hard For Me' mv. I really liked the song, and their hip hop sound, different among the othet boy Idol groups, but I wasn't that impressed to learn more about them and be a Buster. Until they made their comeback with their 2nd mini album 'Money In The Building'.
M.I.B. returned to the music scene with the song 'Nod Along' and gained my full attention. The song has an amazing ballance of rap and vocals making it difficult not to like it and listen to it on repeat. Cream's part must be the most addicting part of the song, that's why it's the first thing you listen as the song starts. ( Tiger JK knows what he's doing ). Right after Cream we listen to Kangnam's refreshing vocals, thinking that the song is probably gonna be a ballad but then 5Zic and Sims appear on the scene to erase that thought. 5Zic and Sims have a back and forth rapping instead of singing each his own part that gives a more powerful vibe to the song and it feels like a rap battle when they perform on music stages. That's why I think that both fans of ballad and rap will be fans of that song too!
As for the mv, although it's nice I don't really understand it. At the beginning we see a dramatic scene in which Kangnam is running while the other members scream and feel sad about the girl who died in a car accident. At this point the plot is clear until the song starts. Cream is lying on the road probably dead too ( the blood rewind makes me confused ) and Kangnam is in an old storage and he thinks that pills are candy ( please be easy on them ). By the way he looks so handsome with short hair! I like the anime themes that are shown through 5Zic and Sims scenes - blue, yellow lightings and explosions - especially in the car scene. 
The album has other great songs like my favorite 'Money In The building' . With Tiger JK being the producer of the album and MFBTY featuring in the songs, you can't expect nothing less than an awesome outcome.
So with this comeback M.I.B. is gonna be around for a long time!

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