Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fly to Love with Lunafly

Since spring is all around us now, we need a band and a song to make us feel more happy, excited and carefree! Those adjectives represent perfectly Lunafly and their new song 'Fly To Love'.
Lunafly came back with their 1st full album 'Fly To Love'. The album is awesome for two reasons : 1) It combines new and previous songs together. So you will have the chance to listen to the new 'Help Me Find A Way' but also listen some old songs like 'How Nice It Would Be'. 2) I think the highlight of the album is that it has two discs. One is in Korean and the other one is in English. Lunafly thinks a lot about the domestic and internationals fans - Lukies - since the beginning. They had released their songs in both Korean and English. They make it impossible not to love them!
The song is very up-lifting and will get you in a happy mood the moment you will start listen to it. I can describe it also as a spring-summer song. The song that will make you find a reason to do what you like and create lots of memories.
About the music video, Lunafly makes you realize that you don't need a high budget to film a one. The beginning of the video is very funny. We see our three boys sitting on a couch wondering what to do. The cartoon sounds, drawing and expressions of the members are making it even more hilarious. Then Sam sees the guitar and has an amazing idea. He gets up, points out with his head the guitar to help the mebers realize what he's thinking as they look surprised and out of the blue he transforms into a singer! Yun and Teo decide to join him. If you don't know the members yet don't get nervous as the mv helps you to know their names and it also has the english lyrics of the song in it as well. The vivid and bright colors lead to an explosion of colors later to get you in the happy mood that we were talking above. The mv ends as it started, without the members this time but only the guitar. We must give it some credits since it was the reason to start the song and the mv.
So, Lukies support your boys and fly with them!

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