Wednesday, April 10, 2013

15& needs Somebody

15& came back to the music scene with a bold statement : They want somebody. They are gonna do anything to find one and since they are Idols, well the best way is to sing a song about it. Smart move!
Totally different from their debut track 'I Dream', 'Somebody' is a pop fun song to both listen and watch. Fans seem to share the same idea since upon its release the song did an 'all-kill' on music charts. No wonder why.
The song has a catchy vibe that will make you listen to it again and again. I like the tune at the beginning. It seems like it's a tune from a spy movie. ( I'm doing a good promotion here). The girls are able to show their vocals in this song but not so much though as in 'I Dream'. I don't think it's bad because I find it good to experiment with different types of songs and music and not just stick to one.
The mv's theme is about the show which helped Park Ji Min be famous and be in JYP Entertainment. I'm talking about 'K-Pop Star' which in this case is called '15& Star'. We see Park Ji Min and Baek Yerin in two roles. The one is being the contestants and the other is being the judges. The judges are referring to the big three companies but with their names changed as well. So we have SN, YZ and JMP.

The girls managed to imitate the judges really well, especially YG and JYP. The mv has some funny moments in it such as the over excited contestant who is begging them to give him a chance, the JMP judge putting a lipstick and even the real JYP making an appearance! I find it very funny that they cut him off and they comforted him at the end. We also can see Baek Ah Yeon when the judges are mesmerized by her performance. I wondered why they didn't pass some other contestants. They seem pretty good.
The choreography isn't difficult but instead is easy to follow. The body rolling and the small arm movements at the chorus will probably be the new dance when we will listen to the word 'somebody'. The clothes are bright with lines and geometrical patterns as we saw on the posters.
So, click the play button and start to sing 'I want somebody, body'!

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