Friday, March 22, 2013

Infinite is in love

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here! Infinite made their comeback and I'm pretty sure is the most anticipated comeback! Inspirits must have gone crazy waiting for them, that's why they gave them an awesome present as well : An All-Kill on music charts! But Infinite didn't come with empty hands either.
Infinite came back with the release of their 4th mini album 'New Challenge'. I think the title describes both their return as also their new songs. This time around, our seven boys are in love and they are not afraid to tell it, show it, sing it and dance to it, since the title track they chose is called 'Man In Love'. And we are happy to see them that way, as they show their love to inspirits!
If you try to find what beat and rhythm, happiness, optimism and joy would might have, they will sound as this track. As you press the play button, first you won't regret it and second you will filled with overwhelming happy feelings while tears of joy will cover your face. I might overreacting but it's the truth.
The mv has the same impact as the boys have. To fell in love with them over again. ( As we need a reason for that ). The plot, the dancing, the vivid and bright colors, represent the song flawlessly. We see each one member being involved into something. Dongwoo is writing a love letter or poem, SungJong finds a cute kitty in front of his door ( I don't know who is more adorable SungJong or the kitty ) and decides to take her inside while he's trying to find out what to wear, L is defimitely lost in love as all he can think about is love, Sungyeol is cooking, Hoya is trying to buy something for his girlfriend, Sunggyu is setting up a beautiful scenery and Woohyun goes to a kindergarten to practice his piano skills, as he wants to compose a song. Funniest moments of the mv will be when Hoya is lost in the department store, looking desperately around to find something nice while he's trying out shoes and a bag ( at least he takes some time and does and effort ), Woohyun stare Sungyeol because he stole his piano post, L going to the Infinite University - every inspirits' dream - and when Woohyun is beaten up by the children. 

No need to talk about the choreography since Infinite has a master degree on that. Excellent and synchronized performance also this time. At the beginning of the song Hoya and Dongwoo are showing their crazy dance skills and I like that L is also an up front dancer. The backgrounds are amazing. Heaven meets reality. First they dance in what it looks like a cloudy, heavenly set and later they dance in a modern studio. At this point may say that they look so handsome in suits! Those edgy, black and dark blue suits make them irresistible.
In the end we see the boys results. Dongwoo finished his letter and sent it away, the kitty helped SungJong what to wear, L realized is not bad to be in love because everyone around him is also in love, Sungyeol made fortune cookies, Hoya found a lovely necklace, Sunggyu decorated the place and Woohyun gained confidence playing the piano.
The breathtaking individual close ups were made for one reason only. To choose which one you will be in love with!

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