Friday, March 15, 2013

High expectation on Girl's Day

It seems Girls' Day is gonna be the second girl group I write on March and the reason why is simple. Their comeback is amazing and they brought on the table a different concept and image. Good enough reasons for me.
Girls' Day released their 1st full length album 'Expectation' which is also the title track. Dai5yz must had high expectations for their comeback too and it seems that Girls' Day didn't disappoint them. 'Expectation' is an upbeat - dance song and once you listen to it, you will probably dance and sing along 'woo hoo woo hoo'. Apart from the title track the album contains some other worth listening songs too. Check 'Easy Go' - personal favorite - if your mood is up and you need another reason to go even higher or 'I Don't Mind' if you craving for ballad. In the album you will also find some previous hits like 'Don't Forget Me', 'Oh My God' and more.
Let's return to 'Expectation' and its music video. First of all although the song tells about a girl who is determined to catch the boy she wants and to change him from being a palyboy to a good boy, in the mv the plot is kinda different. We see Yura being with her boyfriend, sharing some cute moments together but later she finds out that he is cheating on her. She thinks how she used to be when they first met, an innocent girl, and so she decides to change and becomes more fierce in order to teach him a lesson. In that case she shows her new self to him and ends the relationship. 
The song, the mv and the choreography show how new and improve Girls' Day is now since their debut. From being cute, now they are more mature. The dance shows how you can be seductive without being too sexy. The black and red combination looks great and I think it's clever that they use the suspenders while they are dancing. The background is simple : black with red/yellow lighting or white but it highligths all the right points and it doesn't steal the attention from the girls.
As the Girls say : Everyday Girls' Day! Not an obvious reason to change that!

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