Wednesday, March 6, 2013

D-Unit shows a different face

It's been a while since I wrote about a girl group, B.A.P, Nu'Est and Teen Top didn't allow anyone else to steal their spotlight, but now I have a good reason to return to girl groups. That is D-Unit's new song 'Talk To My Face'.
D-Unit made their comeback with their second album 'Affirmative Chapter 1' but they also had a big change in the group. Along with Ujin, Zin and Ram, we salute the new member JNEY (former member of GP Basic). Also producer of the title track was Zico from Block B! Now that's what I call an ACE! Zico you should definitely produce more songs! I like that in the beginning we get to listen Zico's voice and his characteristic 'Brraaa' in the middle of the song. Solid artist, solid song.
Now back to our girls and the mv. The mv portrays two things : Friendship and love. We see a guy, Ujin's boyfriend, to completely ignore her calls because apparently sleeping and reading magazines are better things to do instead of being with your girlfriend. Ujin discovers that he ignores her, so she and her friends go to his house and bullying him. Girls' power! Later, Ujin gets more upset as she sees that her boyfriend is not wearing his couple ring and thus she leaves. Up until now we all assume that her boyfriend is an idiot and the best option for her is to leave him. But it seems that he has a good heart after all as he realizes that it's their anniversary and with the help of her friends, they organize a surprise party. And as for his ring, he decided it was better to wear it as a necklace, so no worries Ujin.
The choreography, the outfits and the beat of the song are amazing! The outfits have more color and they are more girly compare to 'Luv Me' and 'Missing You' but not too much though. D-Unit manages to keep their identity by making little changes in their appearances. As for the choreography it has nice moves and flow and my favorite movement is at the 'look at me' part or 'the searching dance' 
All you have to do is press click and talk to their faces!

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