Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teen Top is No.1!

Angels the wait is finally over! Teen Top is back with their 1st full length album 'No1!' and they will definitely shake things up! Although I was familiar with Teen Top before, I love 'To You' and 'Crazy', I wasn't an Angel but after the release of their new album let me just say that they gain one more fan!
Teen Top made an 180% transformation. From cute boys they became men. Just look their jacket photos and you wil agree with me. Before the release of their new album, they pre-released the song 'I wanna love'. The song and the mv were T-O-P (any reference to Big Bang's T.O.P. is just a coincidence). Perfect upbeat song, the mv was filmed in Hong Kong and Niel's part is my favorite! I believe this song was just a taste to inform us that Teen Top will be different from now on. Well change is always for the best!
Their new song 'Miss Right' is also a dance track with funky beats and cool rhythm. In the mv the boys look for Miss Right who in this case is actress Shin Bora. We see them being bored in the classroom but as soon as Shin Bora arrives they all get interested in her. The funniest parts are probably Chunji pretended to sleep so he could see the girl taking her clothes off ( Naughty Chunji ) and also Teen Top jumping and making silly things in the locker room. I think L. Joe made a lot of girls either go 'aaww' or flipping tables when he kinda kissed Shin Bora. It wasn't a directly kiss though. A huge mask was in the middle so no harm girls!
The highlight of the mv, in my opinion, is the choreogrpahy. Teen Top has always and I mean always the best choreographies! They are the only ones who can perform this groovy/smoothy I - dont - know - how - to - call - it - dance. Niel is the master of this dance but I like that Chunji has some spotlight too.
As for the album is a masterpiece! All the songs are amazing. Seriously the whole album is perfection. Listen to 'Missing You' or 'Hello' if you want to get emotional or 'Why' and 'So Sweet' to dance all night.
Check the mv and scream Here we go Teen top!

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