Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nu'Est Time!

Maybe the title resembles Nu'est's mini concert title 'Show Time Nu'Est Time!' but I admit that it fits perfectly for the boys! After a 6 months hiatius Nu'est came back with their second mini album 'Hello' which is also the title track. 
The teaser photos gave us a hint about Nu'est new song. The photos showed Nu'est with sad faces and tears in their eyes. So it's no wonder that the song it's not a dance song but a mid-tempo ballad. It has a nice melody that calms you down and I'm glad that they give the chance to Aron to sing in English again.
About the mv I like it less than the song. The director wanted 'cheating' to be the main concept of the mv. Although it's common to see Korean music videos in which the members are dating the same boy/girl, I find it weird to see one woman cheating all the members in the mv. In fact the scene when she was hugging Minhyuk and also kissing JR was..strange. But on the other hand it's nice to see different things in music videos and not the same thing over and over again. The things I like the most were, first the beginning. Just the scene of a man and a woman standing in the snow and the girl giving back her ring, with no sound it's good (to me). Also finally! We have a member kissing (literally) the girl he likes. We don't get to see that very often as fans might be upset but it's great to portray true moments of a realtionship.
Nu'est performances are based on the mv's choreography and it's totally awesome. It's like watching a mini musical. First we see Minhyuk sitting on a table and singing to a girl, then Baekho comes, dancing with other 2 dancers. I didn't know how good at dancing Baekho is! He's totally synchronized and has a great rythm. My favorite part is when they do the 'mirror' dance at the second chorus and also when they grab their ties. Just those little details make a dance a whole better! Of course the 'fast feet movement' is excellent performed and the 'head turning' it's the perfect ending.
Nothing else to say except : Welcome back Nu'Est!

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