Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's going on with B1A4?

Since the K-pop trend these days is to ask questions - if you don't know what I mean check 4Minute, SHINee, Hello Venus and now B1A4 title tracks - I think I should also have question titles for my articles. In this case it's not really hard since I borrowed B1A4's 4th Mini Album title 'What's Going On?'
Until they made their comeback I hadn't realized how much I missed them! So for their return our boys changed their music style. Leaving behind their nolstagic, ballad vibe for a more dance, pop sound, it kinda reminds me their 'Ok' and 'Baby Good Night' era. Maybe they wanted to return to their roots which is a good thing since the song is amazing! 
I find it interesting that we hear a small narration in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the song from Jinyoung and Baro. It's like we can hear their thoughts and it gives a funny note to the song. My favorite part is when Baro and CNU are singing. Especially the 거짓말 is very addicting! The chorus is so up-lifting that it makes you turn the volupe up and start singing and jumping up and down.
As for the mv I like the whole 'stuck - in - a - dollhouse -' theme. B1A4 likes a girl but it seems to me that the girl doesn't like them to much. ( what to expect from a girl that wears a mask ) . Maybe if she wasn't stuck up in a room with another guy ( who is also wearing a mask ) the whole situation might be different. Anyway the boys don't give up and they try to invade in the girl's room by making holes in the wall, putting secret cameras to see what the duo is doing and many other spying things that don't work out. What is left is their human power that it has a pretty huge effect since they managed to destroy the wall and the door. They also beat out the mask-boy too by cutting his head off with a pillow. ( Note : stay away from Baro if he's holding a pillow ). But now that the mask-boy is gone, the members get in a pillow fight with each other to see who is gonna be with the girl. The funniest scenes in the mv is probably when Baro threatens the mask-boy and when the members sit on the couch exhausted while they are looking at the camera. Hilarious!
Although we don't get to see much of B1A4's choreography, the fast hand movements they do near the end are awesome!
So Banas to see yourselves what's happening, press the play button!

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