Friday, May 3, 2013

Tea time with Hello Venus

I start to believe that Hello Venus must be the most nicest girl group. I mean they previously asked us 'What we are doing' and because they don't want us to feel lonely, now they ask us if we want some tea. But not just any kind of tea!
Hello Venus returned with their 3rd mini album 'Do You Want Some Tea?' which is also the title track. I admit that I really liked the song the moment I pressed the play button. It has a nice melody and a nostalgic vibe, which is not bad since it makes the song even better. The girls show their amazing vocals also through this song, proving that they are one of the best rookies out there. Not for too long though!
The mv tells a story that many girls can be related to. The girls seem to be really into one guy so they go out on a date with him but at the end of the date he never makes that one extra step : kissing them. Instead of feel sad about it, the girls decide to make a love potion! So on the next date they pour the love potion on his tea but it hasn't the same effect in all of them. Yooara is the lucky one since the guy fells in love with her and he gives her a present. And although Yooyoung poured some love potion too, the guy doesn't  have an impact. At the end of the mv we see Nara having the best date so far since - as it looks like - she managed to stole a kiss.
The choreography matches the song perfectly. The moves are simple and detailed with small gestures and in some parts the girls dance in groups of two. What I like the most though are the clothes! The '60's dresses with the geometrical patterns are the right choice for this kind of song. A big applaud to the designer team!
So, Hello Cupids now that you know, wil you have some tea?

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