Thursday, July 25, 2013

B2st lives in the shadow

Remember last year when B2st was having fun, singing, dancing and playing around in order to make us a 'Beautiful Night'? Well now forget about that because B2st made a complete transformation. From carefree, feel with joy boys they became dark men for their comeback.
Before the release of their second full lenght album 'Hard To Love, How To Love', B2st gave to B2utyz a lot of reasons to smile. Instead of releasing the title track right away, they decided to release two digital singles to thank their fans since they waited so long for their comeback. Of course B2utyz liked very much this gesture so they awarded B2st by placing both digital singles in 1st and 4rd place on the Gaon Chart. 'Will You Be Alright'? and 'I'm Sorry' are included in B2st's full length album along with 'Shadow', the song they decided to promote.
Listening to 'Shadow' it brings me back to their 'Shock' and 'Fiction' days. The song has a dark and melanholic vibe which can be seen all over the mv. B2st managed to make this song a hit too, because it's hard to resist its addictive and beat sound. I find Hyunseung and Yoseob's voices a perfect match for this song and Junhyung's rap very remarkable. This boy will be the next top producer if he keeps up with the same strategy. No wonder he participated in the production of the whole album.
About the mv it really reflects the song's colors. B2st sings and dance in a destroy mansion and a forgotten city filled with that desperate and melanholic feeling that the song provides. About the choreography, the 'side to side shoulder move' and the 'grab head move' make the song even better. Although the mv has spiders, worms and many other creepy insects that would make it scary the scariest part isn't that. Junhyung's blind eyes is the scariest thing especially if you see the mv for the first time. Nice job Junhyung.
So B2utyz show how much you love and support B2st by pressing the play button and go to the 'Shadow' side with them.

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