Thursday, July 18, 2013

B.A.P is in a Hurricane mode

Babyz if you missed B.A.P don't be sad anymore because our Warriors are back with their 2nd title track 'Hurricane'. But before we start talk about it, let's do a brief summary on their comeback.
B.A.P or as babyz like to call them 'the boy group that never rests' decided to follow a different strategy this time around for their comeback to the music scene. Instead of releasing only one title track and then maybe a follow up song, B.A.P decided to release three title tracks until the release of their album. The reason why is simple. They said that all the songs are great and thus it was difficult to make their minds and pick only one to promote. With the release of 'Hurricane', I also think the same as both 'Coffe Shop' and 'Hurricane' are indeed amazing songs.
Let's start with 'Coffee Shop' which is a nice surprise for babyz. The first title track is a slow song with jazz elements different from 'One Shot'. I like that B.A.P tries a lot of music styles until they find their own color because they prove that they can pull off anything. In 'Coffe Shop' every member adjust his voice in order to fit the song and not otherwise. I find Himchan's voice very unique and smooth and actually this style fits him really well. Daehyun proves once again that he is the main vocal along with YoungJae while both Bang Yong Guk and Zelo's rapping skills match the song. Jongup has his own spotlight too that gives us the chance to see that he has a great voice besides his killing dance skills.  In the mv we see B.A.P travel through New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and more places, dressed in a more casual way, wandering around the states until they gather around in a coffee shop to discuss their experience.


'Hurricane' is much different that 'Coffee Shop'. With a heavy dubstep sound and hip hop elements, they also try another style which - guess what - suits them really well too. This time the mv was filmed in Las Vegas, in what it looks like a 4 star hotel and to make it even more luxurious the boys also rent a limousine. As it looks like from the mv, the song doesn't have a choreography ( unless they want to reveal it later ) and thus JongUp and Zelo grab the opportunity to show their flawless dance moves. Daehyun once again is making the chorus very addicting with his voice and Himchan steals the show with the catch phrase 'The roof is on fire'. In the rest of the mv we see some scenes of Las Vegas while B.A.P dances along with the beat. Highlight of the mv is probably Zelo's hair which makes him look even more baby ( in a good - cute way ).

So there you have it babyz! According to your style of music choose the song you like the most ( even both ) until the release of the third song!

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