Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bangtan Boys are bulletproof

Bangtan Boys are probably the Best Rookie Boy Group of this year. I mean just from the teaser photos - to get to know the members - and the teaser mv for their debut song, they immediately gain your attention. The good thing is that you won't regret it.
Bangtan Boys came to the K-pop scene with their debut single '2 cool 4' skool and the title track 'No More Dream'. 'We Are Bulletproof' must be the best song in their single. It's so powerful and addicting that you will end up listening to it on repeat. I believe this is why they composed it. There is also a mid tempo hip hop song called 'I Like It'. No comments since the title says it all. One nice featuring in this single is that it contains a skit in which you can hear the boys talking. It's probably scripted since it's called 'Skit' but anyways it's fun and amusing listening to the boys! 'No More Dream' the track they decided to promote is the best song to get to know them and to steal the spotlight and make it shine only on them.
About the mv now. Since our boys are '2 cool 4 skool' they stole the school bus and tried to get away but they crashed into a bunch of carton boxes, so they got off the school bus and decided to join their friends. Although in the beginning the did normal stuff - just riding on bikes and doing skateboard - in the end they pretty much destroyed everything. As a result, police caught them. Or maybe not?
The choreography is flawless. The parts : '거짓알이야 you are such a liar', see me see me ya' when they point their shoulders and 'lalalalala' when they slide are awesome! The highlight of the dance is when the members form a line and Jimin, with the help of JungKook, is walking on the menbers.
Releasing also their showcase in which they perform their songs, you will have the chance to see that they don't seem rookies, their attitude, style and presence confirm that, and they also do a small interview to promote their album and to get to know them even more. Plus their entertainment released a bts video of the mv making and a dance version to keep their fans happy. Extra info : Their fan club name is A.R.M.Y. Perfect, awesome and most suitable fan name!
What is left is simple : Just press the play button.

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